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Are Parkour Gyms The New Workout Gyms?! | Mad Different Workouts

– Hey guys it’s Simone here with another episode of Mad Different Workouts. Today I’m getting ready to get into some parkour activities. It’s running, it’s jumping, it’s a whole lot of whole lot! – Have you ever done anything like this before? – Never! – Hi Sydney, how are you? – Good, how are […]

Apryl Jones Grew A Booty In The Gym, Not At The Surgeon | Body Of Work

I don’t think that we see how we really look, how other people see, because I still feel skinny. People are like, “No, April, you’re slim-thick. You’ve gained weight.” I’m like, “But I’m not.” And then when I see that, the attention that I’m getting from men, I’m like, “Wow, I must be thick.” So […]