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Week 8 Day 1 //SCULPTED ARMS Workout (Biceps, Triceps + Shoulders)

hey guys what’s up welcome to today’s arm workout for strength we are focusing today on toning the biceps triceps and shoulders so we are still sticking to four sets this week we are sticking to that 10 rep range so we’re choosing a weight that’s challenging but allows us to hit that 10 rep […]

Doing Core Exercises Every Day Does This To Your Body

Hey there, gym goers! When was the last time you had a great ab workout? Exercising your core section is extremely important. Let’s talk about what doing core exercises each day can do to your body. Can it prevent injuries? How about improving your posture? Wait, do core exercises actually make you smarter? We’re talking […]

Best Biceps Bicep Workout Best Exercise for Big Biceps and Big Arms

OK Guys i want to do a little bicep demonstrations today because everybody wants to know about biceps and everybody wants big arms here is a simple exercise for getting big biceps you can either use a straight bar or dumbbells but let’s use dumbbells for now We’ll do a barbell tutorial another time. so […]

Arm Workout Exercises : Forearm Curl Exercise

Now we’re going to hit the other side of the forearm, the bottom part, right here. Generally, with this, you’re just going to do different forms of wrist curls. I’m just going to start with a barbell wrist curl. I’m just going to grab a barbell, preferably, wrist hanging off the end of the bench […]

3 Best Bicep Exercises for Building Mass w/ Joel Thomas

what’s up muscle and strength IFBB Pro Joel Thomas here today I’m going to take you guys through three of my favorite mass building exercises for biceps so the first bicep exercise today we’re gonna do spider curls I really like anything that’s chest supported whether it’s a back exercise bicep exercise or whatever it […]

Bicep Tendonitis Physiotherapy at Home | Physical Therapy Exercises

Hi, I’m carrie with In Motion O.C. physical therapy in Irvine, California here to talk to you about biceps injuries So the biceps is the muscle is located in the front of your arm, and it goes up to your shoulder So it’s very common to have two different kinds of injuries [one] [is] [a] […]