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This Exercise Is All the Help You Need

[chanting] This Exercise Is All the Help You Need 01-04-2017 [Mooji] This season, what has happened is that I … It came to present an exercise with many people, some of you, we’ve tried, done it with you before. And I felt it has been a very easy invitation and facilitating towards the place within […]

The Space of What Is ~ A Guided Meditation with Mooji

The Space of What Is A guided meditation by Sri Mooji 12 January 2016 [Mooji] Om. Let us begin by turning your attention to the fact that the Self has no beginning. It has no sense of duration or end. So even the sense of beginning is only an invitation to turn our attention … […]

You Are Silence Itself ~ Guided Meditation with Sri Mooji

Guided Meditation You Are Silence Itself [Mooji] Try and feel just the sense of being. You don’t need to be imaginative for this. So, don’t create. There’s nothing to create. Simply just by staying empty, in the pulse of being there’s just the sense of being. Look and feel. It has no story. It has […]

Living in the Joy of Our Natural Being ~ Interview with Esprit Yoga Magazine

Skype Satsang with Mooji Interview with ‘Esprit Yoga Magazine’ Living in the Joy of Our Natural Being 26-01-2017 [Interviewer] Namaste. [Mooji] Namaste Celine. Very, very good. [I.] Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. [Mooji] Yes, thank you. [I.] Thank you. [I.] So, the subject today is freedom. [Mooji] Yes. [I.] So for […]

Samadhi Yoga – The Secret to Bliss

Welcome! so, I’ve got a question for you what brings you joy? What brings you into state of happiness and laughter and excitement about being alive what is that? who are those people that do that for you that you can hang out with and naturally, you just start to giggle and laugh and be […]

How to Practice Kriyayoga Correctly

The first important thing what is problem in practice practice is very very simple this is the art of concentration on self with the true idea, true thought and true concept that head to toes whatever we feel is all in all all in all means everything we will find within all external engineering departments, […]

Where to Learn Kriyayoga Meditation

In 1861 Mahavatar Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahasaya into Kriya Yoga Through the instrumentality of Lahiri Mahasaya Kriya Yoga came into the public During the Kumbha Mela in 1894 immortal Babaji blessed Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri under the cool and holy vibration of the sacred banyan tree under this banyan tree Babaji prophesied the future worldwide […]