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How to Awaken Things Within You | Leon Fontaine 2020

Wow I love that all the languages I think just uh probably was probably already eight or nine years ago we had a study done through the church thank you to just look at the first language of much of our congregation and the people that did it said there’s like 80 different languages that […]

Feldenkrais Moves Me | David on Aging & Meditation

my name is David and I am a Feldenkrais® student I am moved by the Feldenkrais Method® because my body works so much better now at 61 than my body did in my fifties. The Feldenkrais Method allows me to be comfortable in my body and with my body moving and cultivates peace in my […]

10 Minute Leg Workout | No Equipment Home Workout

Hi this is Daniel Ventura and welcome to the PROMiXX Academy series of home workouts. Now if you’re stuck at home with the kids and desperate to train, or perhaps you’re in the hotel with no gym follow along and watch these videos. Let’s get started with my no equipment leg workout which will be […]

Full Body Workout in less than 10 minutes

there you have it. Five exercise 10 reps each you see my heart raise up sweat a little bit already and that’s just one round so it’s going to be less than a 10 minute workout! What’s up guys? Jordan Nevels back. Today I’ve got an incredible workout for you that’s going to replace your […]