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Logan Franklin’s Chest Workout | Building Classic Pecs 💪

what’s up guys Logan Franklin here with MHP and muscle and strength we’re at Iron City Gym in Houston so stay tuned we’re gonna get you guys a good chest workout we’re gonna warm up with some light incline dumbbells we’re just keeping the bench at a 45-degree incline and just cruising with it until […]

Vicsnatural Bodybuilding and Fitness motivation

hi friends Victor Costa peace love and muscles hope you do it well hope you’re having an outstanding day I did a video on this quite some time ago and I wanted to do it again it’s really about not getting down on yourself and your body and the way that you look and your […]

10 min Intense Lower Ab Workout BURN BELLY FAT No Equipment

Today we are finally doing lower abs It’s been one of the most highly requested videos because a lot of you said that when you did normal ab workouts sometimes you couldn’t feel the burn at the lower abs area. You guys asked for the burn We’re gonna bring you the burn! My boyfriend Chad […]

How To: Dumbbell Shoulder Press

What’s going on everybody I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com and I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a dumbbell military press also known as a dumbbell shoulder press. First thing you do is grab your dumbbells, and then you’re gonna pick a bench with the seat totally upright. Some gyms have seats that are primarily […]

Cardio vs. Resistance Training? Which is better?

– Hey there beasts and beastwomen. This is Jazz bringing to you Fitness. (bang sound) Bites. Today what we gonna talk about, is the age old question. Cardio or resistance training for fat loss. (Jazsley claps) I’m gonna review a research paper on this, and the title is called, “multidisciplinary approach to obesity, aerobic or […]