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Yoga For Leaner Legs ♥ Strength, Tone & Balance | Ubud Yoga

Hey guys welcome to beautiful valleys We have finally arrived or out of the mountains out of the cold and beautiful sunshine And today I’ve got a yoga class for you That’s going to really focus on your legs are going to really just really any punches out of your Hamstring your hips and well […]

Morning Yoga Flow ♥ 15 Minute Intermediate Wake Up | Joshua Tree

Hello friends welcome to beautiful Joshua Tree National Park We are here at the Indian Cove campgrounds the Sun is just rising over the mountain and the energy is pure bliss right now and Today I’ve got a yoga practice for you That’s going to wake up every muscle in your body and get that […]

Full Splits In 14 Days ♥ A Beautiful Challenge For Next Level Flexibility

welcome to your 15 minute flexibility and mobility yoga practice this 14 day splits challenge will not only help you increase flexibility and elasticity in your hips and hamstrings but it will also release tension and stiffness out of your lower body all the details to the challenge can be found below in a link […]

Yoga Workout Tone & Burn ♥ Tools For A New You | PATIENCE

i believe patience is one of the biggest things that yoga teaches you because when we start in our yoga practice we truly have to find patience for yourself patience for your body to enjoy your practice its not going to be easy i mean your body is going to to be resistant to certain […]

Back Pain & Sciatica Relief ♥ Your Daily Yoga Miracle Therapy

Healing the process of acceptance Patience and creation of space for the body and mind to rebuild itself. The mind is powerful the body listens So open your mind and let it guide you and welcoming you health and mobility through love and self-care Today’s yoga practice is going to be that time of self-care […]

Yin Yoga Class ♥ Release Stress & Feel Amazing in 30 Minutes | Borneo

Hey Guys! We’re On a beautiful Island called [Monte] [monte] [Island] Just off the coast of Borneo in Malaysia [and] Today I got a Yin Yoga for you that’s Really going to Help you release Any negative Energy out of your Body We tend to Store A lot of our Negativity in our lower Body […]