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Guided Meditation For Letting Go ♥ Day 5

Hey guys welcome to our meditation day 5 im so happy you’ve chosen to spend the next 15 minutes with me and yourself i hope you’re able to take this time and put some headphones on and shut everything off shut off your phone close your social media your work and dedicate this precious time […]

Ab-Mazing Core Workout ♥ Best 8 Exercises For Lower Abs

hey guys welcome to poltava ukraine my hometown i have a 5 minute miracle class thats going to target your lower abs a lot of you have been asking me about exercises to help you get rid of that little pouch on your belly so if you’re ready gran a mat some water and lets […]

Yoga Workout For Weight Loss ♥ Pilates-Yoga Fusion | Peru

Welcome to the beautiful Sacred Valley of Peru We are here in the town of Ollatamtambo surrounded by beautiful mountains and animals and today is going to be a power Yogalates class that will challenge you and leave you feeling amazing Through combining sculpting Pilates exercises with a yoga flow You will not only boost […]

Pilates Intense Mat Workout ♥ Tools For A New You | BELIEF

i think at the end of everything we start thinking about our goals commitment patience with our bodies giving ourselves time everything that encompasses that is the idea of belief if we don’t believe in yourselves then none of those things are going to affect us in the way that they should meaning that you’re […]

Best Arm Toning Exercises For Summer ♥ 5 Minutes Miracle | Mantinani

hey guys welcome to the beautiful mantanani island were just off the coast of borneo malaysia and today were bringing back the 5 minute miracle classes now these classes are perfect to add at the end of your other classes like yoga fitness or pilates and today this 5 minute miracle class is going to […]

Best Pilates Workout ♥ Core Exercises For Weight Loss

hey guys welcome to our pilates workout we are beautiful banff national park I’ve got amazing mountains behind me a really really cold water next to me and an awesome workout today that’s going to really work on your core as well as your legs and your booty so if you already grab a matt […]

Guided Meditation For Healing ♥ Day 9

welcome to out day 9 guided meditation for healing im so grateful you’ve chosen to be here with me today to take some time for yourself and dedicate this meditation to healing any part of you that is needing to be healed healing doesn’t always mean physical healing it can also be emotional mental or […]

Guided Meditation For Peace & Contentment ♥ Day 3

hey guys welcome to your day 3 meditation im so happy that your taking this time our of your day and dedicating it to yourself your health and wellbeing this meditation is going to be focused on finding peace and contentment sometimes we all worry about the future overanalyze the past and over think the […]