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Live, rolling, recording, good to go, let’s go. Okay so I’m back at self-made, with Chan and today we’re in legs, but we’re doing it in a different way, I’m gonna take Chan through some exercises that target the quads in a great way and Chan’s gonna show me? I’m gonna show him some glute […]

10 Minute Leg Workout | No Equipment Home Workout

Hi this is Daniel Ventura and welcome to the PROMiXX Academy series of home workouts. Now if you’re stuck at home with the kids and desperate to train, or perhaps you’re in the hotel with no gym follow along and watch these videos. Let’s get started with my no equipment leg workout which will be […]

How do we burn past karmas using Kundalini Meditation? – 940

Be Blessed by the Divine Srinivasa Raju, this is a video for you. How do we burn past karmas using Kundalini Meditation? Ajna Meditation will help us to burn or neutralize Our futuristic, resultant, will-based, desire-based Akamiya Karma. Thuriya Meditation will help to burn or neutralize Future Akamiya Karma + Present life Praraptha Karma. Thuriyatheetha […]

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles| 4 Easy Exercises

Commonly known as “love handles” the fat that collects around the stomach, is a result of poor overall health And Since we’re all about tiny cholis and backless blouses, here are 4 easy exercises to melt and tone that muffin top right here and now. Start by lying on your back Next, bring your knees […]

10 Minute Full Body FAT BURNING Workout at Home (NO EQUIPMENT!)

– Guys, welcome to your first weight loss video of 2020. Today we are doing a HIIT workout for weight loss to burn calories and torch off those extra goodies that we ate at Christmas. I’m a huge believer in HIIT and it’s really helped me slim down all over my body. So this workout […]


hey everyone welcome back! so today is episode number three of workout with me challenge. I dont know if that’s a challenge for you guys, let me know in the comments below ! for me I have to say sometimes it is tough to talk and do the workout at the same time! today I […]

31 Days of Trying to Workout

You guys this is the other thing that has me hype last year I posted a new workout video on YouTube every single day in January and guess what? We are doing it again in 2020 every single day January 1st to January 31st, there will be something new on my youtube channel most of […]

Total Body Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

– So, I got some big fans of the Total Body Yoga workout. Some of you guys love those videos. So I’m putting together another one today, especially for my friend Luto in San Francisco. He said that those are his favorite videos. So let’s do one of those today. Hope you enjoy. (guitar melody) […]