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Get That Booty & Toned Legs 🍑 Effective Glute Workout at Home

Hey everyone, welcome back to another workout from the summer shredding challenge. This video is a leg and booty workout. That’s gonna help you to tone it up just in time for summer! So you can do this video on its own or you can join the rest of us with this thirty five day […]


The first exercise is stiff deadlifts with a barebell. really great for contact in backside glutes. The second exercise is squats with kick-backs. We use a miniband for more resistance. Start with a lower weight since kick-backs are not a regular movement during squats. Third is leg press with mini bands, again for extra tension […]

Lower Body Workout | Toned Legs & Butt | 2 Weeks Challenge

Hey everyone, so today’s workout is a lower body workout. It’s gonna target both your legs and your butt. This workout is part of two weeks shredding program and can find a schedule over here. Now this program is all free So don’t forget to smash that like button subscribe and also turn on Notification […]

7 Min Glute Challenge | Lower Body Pilates Workout with Tamara Newell

Tamara Newell: Hey guys, Tamara here. Today, I have a seven minute glute challenge for you to lift the buns, tighten the hamstrings and flatten the belly. So, let’s get started, stay tuned. [Music] Tamara: Alright beauties, let’s go ahead and get started. We’re going to sit up tall, and roll down through the spine, […]

15-Minute Buttocks Workout – Glutes Workout – No Squat Workout

Hi guys, I’m Christine curry and this is your 15 minute buck blaster workout So we’re gonna be targeting the hips thighs and glutes of course so we’re just going to start back in a child pose Take a stretch back here and Then we’re going to go up onto all fours and really quick […]