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$40 Gym Vs. $10,000 Gym

– We’re doing “Worth It Gym” today I know just the perfect person to co-host this episode The only problem is she doesn’t like to be on camera that much. So we’re going to surprise her at her house so that she can’t say no. Hello! – Hey! – I know you had plans today […]

We Worked Out At A Queer Gym For A Week

(pop music) – So I do work out at mainstream gyms but I don’t always feel like I fit in. – Mainstream gyms are very like machismo and aggressive. – I do go to the gym I I have to go into the men’s locker room and you know as somebody that has you know […]

We Did Planks Every Day For 30 Days

– I was surprised how it never got easier. I thought it would get easier and it just was the same amount of bad from start to finish. (upbeat music) – What this challenge is gonna consist of is us trying to do planks for three minutes for 30 days straight, ^and we’re gonna see […]

We Did 100 Lunges A Day For 30 Days

– I want to hear a lot of damn booty. More of that. (Upbeat alternative music) – So, I’m someone who goes through these stages of like, either working out a ton or not working out at all. Currently, I’m in the not working out much at all category of my life. – I’ve been […]

Women Try Period Panties

– Do you ever just, like, have stuff fall out of your vagina, and you’re like, “I’m not sure what that was”? (suspenseful music) – I am a strict tampon user. – I’m a big tampon fan. – Tampons, from the day I got my period to today. – I, like, go ham. I have […]

Women Grow Out Their Pubes For A Month

– I haven’t seen my full bush potential. I’m excited. (regal music) – I probably started shaving around 12, 13. – I’ve been shaving since I was 18. – I’ve just always been a bald eagle. – I shave about every other day. – Every two to three weeks. – Every other day. – I […]

The Try Guys $850 Indian Food Challenge ft. Lilly Singh

– Hey kids! – Hey Uncle Eugene! – What are we doing today? – We are eating Indian food! – We’re going on an Indian food tour all throughout Los Angeles. Three restaurants, one special guest. – Wassup? – [All] Yay! – Thanks for having me guys. – Yeah, thanks for coming. – Today we’re […]

Keith Puppysits The Try Guys Dogs

Today I’ll be watching everyone else’s dogs all at once. You’ll probably come to this video being like, “Oh, Keith the dog hater,” “He’s gonna learn to become a dog lover.” F*** that not a chance, but I am gonna pick the best dog. It’s kind of like The Bachelor. Think of it like The […]

Women Try Extreme Yoga

– [Selorm] Ghost twerk on a friend. We’re doing yoga, yogi, yogi, yoga. – [Maya] Eww, I don’t want you booty juice. – You know what, I don’t have juice in my booty. That’s a lie. (hip hop music) – This week we’re trying three different types of yoga. I don’t yoga ever. Is that […]