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8 BEST Exercises To Stop Thumb Pain | Simple and Easy

8 thumb osteoarthritis exercises to ease pain, get you moving, and strengthen your muscles Thumb osteoarthritis is also known as: basal joint arthritis or carpometacarpal joint arthritis or CMC joint arthritis These exercises are presented by Ishwam Sethi Step 1: Reduce Thumb Pain Acupressure. Apply firm pressure to the webbing between your thumb and pointer […]

I Worked out like Chris Hemsworth for 30 Days

This is 30 days working out like Chris Hemsworth. So about two months ago I got very sick while traveling overseas I fell into a felt like the worst shape of my life when I fully recovered I vowed I would never take my health for granted I around this time I noticed that Chris […]

The Try Guys Try CrossFit

– I burned a calorie! – [JP] Shake it off for a bit, Keith. – Oh my thighs. Oh no, I’m gonna do the thing where the bar goes up? Oh that’s my biggest fear. (upbeat club music) (mellow rock music) How’s it going? – [JP] How’s it going, Keith? – Thanks for having me. […]

16 Hours In A CrossFit Gym

(gate clanking open) – [Voiceover] Why do you have to get here so early? – [Voiceover] Because we want the gym to be bumping before everybody get here. – [Voiceover] So what do you have to do before people start showing up? – I’m about to put on music, most important part. Um, make sure […]