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YOGA FLOW for SHOULDERS & HIPS [15 Minutes] // School of Calisthenics

welcome back to the school of calisthenics I’m Jacko and I’m here with coach Jude our residents yoga experts as well as calisthenics coaching at the school castes and you’re going to take me and you through a little yoga flow that it’s going to be designed to help you with your callus net movement […]

Bigger Arms Workout (Dumbbells Only)

– What’s up, elite Thenx athletes it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of OFFICIALTHENX, with today’s routine, I’m gonna show you how to get bigger arms with just a set of dumbbells. (upbeat music) Now if you want bigger arms, then you wanna make sure that you’re increasing volume. Whether it’s adding additional sets […]

One Exercise That Will Change Your Life | 2018

[Music] what’s up elite then exactly it’s it’s Chris area welcome to another video of fishel 10x today I’m gonna be showing you guys one exercise that’s gonna change your life the same way it changed mine basically this exercise is the gateway exercise that’s really gonna start taking your training to a whole new […]