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See Through & Fun Thermal Camera Experiments

So you guys can see my cat is in the background there obviously the heat of my cat is more prominent over the surrounding area How the camera works is, obviously it’s going to pick up the hottest temperature in the room And accentuate that so It could be used for security if there’s a […]

VicandFriends: Cat Yoga! With Hortense – PUPPETS AND TOYS KIDS SHOW

[Sitar music]>>Hortense: Hello and thank you for joining me today for Cat Yoga with Hortense.>>Hortense: Just a few minutes a day of doing cat yoga can relax your mind and your body.>>Hortense: I don’t know about you, but my feline mind becomes overworked. [Screeching cat]>>Hortense: Another benefit to yoga is it keeps your joints..[deep voice]..nice […]

Keith Puppysits The Try Guys Dogs

Today I’ll be watching everyone else’s dogs all at once. You’ll probably come to this video being like, “Oh, Keith the dog hater,” “He’s gonna learn to become a dog lover.” F*** that not a chance, but I am gonna pick the best dog. It’s kind of like The Bachelor. Think of it like The […]

Hickory Dickory Dock | Super Simple Songs

Hickory dickory dock The mouse went up the clock The clock struck one The mouse went down Hickory dickory dock Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. A snake Hickory dickory dock The snake went up the clock The clock struck two The snake went down Hickory dickory dock Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick […]

Simon’s Cat: Guide to Winter

Simon’s cat – Leitfaden für den Winter Besorge Dir einen Wintermantel Beanspruche den wärmsten Ort ! Lass keine Langeweile aufkommen Bleib im Haus ! Bereite Dich auf den Winterschlaf vor Geh früh ins Bett… … und schlaf lange aus

Chihuahua doing yoga with owner | Nic and Pancho

– Exactly, stay like that and try to stretch your back and paws as much as you can – – Always breathing – – Now go down with your paws and try to stretch your neck as much as you can – – Well done – – Now go down again with your neck and […]

Emma Watson Plays With Kittens (While Answering Fan Questions)

– Little ones! Yeah, oh my god, I want them all (laughs). Hi little guy. Hello. I’m dying, I can’t even concentrate on what you’re saying. (light music) (Emma squeals) I’m here with BuzzFeed, I’m playing with tiny cute kittens. My day is made. We designed for Belle this ring that would sit on her […]

Boxes Boxes Boxes! – Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

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