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Rediscover Me Day 22 | Statements of Being

Good Morning! I have a different venue today. I’m coming to you live from my beautiful hotel room in Fort Worth and I’m drinking yucky hotel coffee, um. I usually have flavored creamer every morning and they don’t have any. So I’m really sad but uh it’s caffeine so I’m gonna power through and I […]

yoga challenge positions || yoga pants challenge || hatha yoga

Hello, Welcome to hatha yoga. Thanks for your interest to watch our videos. Advanced Yoga: Challenge Poses Gain insight into advanced yoga positions with detailed instructions on how to practice more challenging poses correctly. Intermediate Yoga Challenge Poses Set a goal to achieve these challenge poses for your intermediate yoga practice. Partner Yoga Pose Sequence Partner Yoga Poses For Friends and Lovers … Don’t Let Miley […]

Merrell Twins Double Dare DIY Challenge: Pie In Your Pants 🥧 | Nick

– On your mark… – Get set… – Go! – Go! Which team had the most pies? I look absolutely silly. Hi, I’m Vanessa Merrell. And I’m Veronica Merrell. And we are so excited about the all new Double Dare. The mess, the slime, everything. So we’re working with Nickelodeon to make Double Dare challenges […]


Am Zakaria *Simon farts* Calsqueezy: *off camera* You now realise you’re gonna be doing yoga IN his fart? *Laughing* Simon: Hey guys, I’m here with Callux And today we’re doing yoga! We gonna go and get changed? Cal: *pulls out knife* yeah? Simon: oh my god *laughing* Cal: Fart again, yeah? Fart again! Simon: Alright […]

Rediscover Me Day 23 | Gratitude

Good Morning Pretties! Sorry, I’m setting up my Instagram live – hoping it’s working Yay! We’re live, okay, I wasn’t on live I hit the button and it took a picture of me and I’m like oh yeah we need to fix that. All right, Good Morning! It’s Sunday and I’m still in my hotel […]


this means I am sending you positive vibes when in fact I have none welcome to the i shun yoga today I’m gonna be playing a dull game of Twister by myself right hand yellow circles big my head beds on to Tang invokes your body and call it twister but put on a headband […]


Hej venner, det er mig Sylvia tilbage med en ny video. Velkommen tilbage til min Kanal. Så idag, er vi ikke i mit studio, som i kan se. Og det er fordi vi laver en video med, Charlie: Den lækreste lyseste hud på YouTube. Sylvia: Jeg er. Charlie: Jeg lavede ild emojien. wtf men ja, […]

Intro: The Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge with Mariya Gancheva

(relaxing music) – Sat Nam and welcome. I’m going to use Kundalini yoga which you’ll notice if you haven’t practiced it before is different from the other practices that you find in your studios or in the gym. So Kundalini yoga is a very deep practice. It works not only on the body on the […]


(screams) – I’m so stressed! (panting) – Gertie, Gertie what’s the matter? – I only have like five bottles of glitter left. See? (screams) See the glitter? See the glitter? (panting) It’s running out! (panting) – It’s okay, Gertie. It’s okay. How ’bout we just, let’s relax and we can do some yoga. It’s the […]

Yoga Challenge: Miami Beach! | Sam and Teagan

– Hey guys. – Hey. – I’m Teagan. – I’m Sam. – And we are – [Both] The Rybka twins. Welcome back to Squared. (upbeat indie rock music) – Today we’re in Miami, at Miami Beach. (salsa music) – And we are here with our really good friends, Hailey and Hannah. – And they’re from […]