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Rediscover Me Day 20 | How to Pursue Passions

Good Morning Pretties!! I’m so late today all right so welcome to Coffee Chat! We’ve gotten a lot of new followers at GYPO lately I’m so excited so for those of you who don’t know me I’m Allison, I am the creator of Get Your Pretty On, which is a style resource for real women […]

ICE SWIM | Feeling the power from the cold

The winters here are usually very long, cold and dark. And I have to admit it’s a challenge for me to keep the energy during these six months of the year Especially last winter was really tough. I was constantly sick and constantly freezing. And I’ve never felt so weak in my whole life. Now […]

Rediscover Me Day 24 | REALationships

Happy Monday! Thank you for tuning in! We’re gonna talk a little bit about relationships and doing an inventory on them today so that’s gonna be interesting right yeah so anyway yeah this weekend we had some great Coffee Chats and I got some really good feedback and responses and comments and it turns out […]

Rediscover Me Day 11 | Affirmations

all right so it’s day 11 of our Rediscover Me discussions and today we’re talking about the power of affirmations and every time I think of affirmations I always and I’m sure you guys need to think of Jack Candy from Saturday Night Live and what was this thing I’m good enough I’m smart enough […]

Traditional Yoga Sun Salutation ( Surya Namaskar) 7 rounds

Stand tall at the top of your mat with eyes closed and palms in prayer position Asato mā sadgamaya Tamasomā jyotir gamaya May this practice lead us from the unreal to the real from the mortality to immortality Bring your feet together Open your arms besides and up with an inhalation Exhale bring a heels […]


Nothing is worse than waiting too long to catch up with one of your best friends… except embarrassing yourself with sweaty, yellow pit stains. Yikes! Take a regular shawl or pashmina and put it over your head. With both hands, pull the corners under your arms and in front of your chest. Tie them together […]

BOYS try GIRL’S Gymnastics! Ninja Kidz Tv

Today we’re challenging these boys to drive women’s gymnastics. Good luck boys Come on Boys, what do you think you want to try out the beam? Come on I believe in you guys I believe in you guys. Okay. How about a cartwheel? That’s not too hard, right? Okay, so check these girls out doing […]