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10 pushup exercises to increase strength and body composition

In this video I will show you 10 different progression forms of push-ups unfortunately as I have not been working out for a few years I was not able to complete decline fingertips push-ups so here is a video from seven years ago let me know in the comment section below which one do you […]


so you’re ready to start your journey towards creating a bigger more aesthetic chest or maybe you already train and you want to make sure you’re getting the most from your workout well fit media channel is here to help here’s our stage one chest workout to get you started for a bigger fuller chest. […]

Neck workout 5 super exercise for home [தமிழ்]

hi Tamil welcome to namo fitness individual a Manabe wanna makeover quote about you or Angie easy on a basic human apathy power Allah the Rhambo useful on a fit flow Arouca well a strong overcoat it I’m gonna call Nala improvement article a real chance is surrogate is a proper upon inaudible over one […]

Push-ups workout level-2

Push-ups workout level-2 It’s a first exercise You ready? Three Two One Start Ten Stop Next Ten Stop Next Ten Stop Next Ten Stop Next Ten Stop Next Ten Stop Next Ten Stop You done!

Full Body Workout | 30 Minute Dumbbell Workout For Thanksgiving

All right – hey guys today is gonna be a quick total body workout! All you’re gonna need is a pair of dumbbells, or multiple pairs of dumbbells depending on the exercise, so this right here is gonna be your Thanksgiving Day to workout! Either just find a quiet section of the gym get it […]

The DUMBEST Chest Exercise Ever (WARNING!!)

JEFF: Jesse, Jesse! What the f%#$ are you doing now? And what is up with that hair? JESSE: Oh, I copied it. JEFF: I don’t care what you – what are you doing, most importantly? JESSE: All right, so you remember that really stupid, really bad, dumb chest exercise that I came up with? JEFF: […]

Top 10 Beachbody Workouts of 2019

Beachbody On Demand continues to grow as the largest virtual health and fitness community in the world. And it shows with the incredible number of subscribers doing our workouts every month. As always, we’d like to take a look back and see which workouts got the most attention this year, counting down to the number […]

Week 5 Day 1 // Upper Body Strength Workout: Chest + Shoulders

hey guys what’s up welcome to today’s upper body strength workout we’re gonna be focusing today on the chest and the shoulders so if you’re following this workout today as part of my free workout plan here on YouTube then today marks the start of phase two of the program that’s crazy guys that means […]