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Vocal exercise – Speaking #4: Consonant awareness part 2

The key consonants in this paragraph are fricatives… Say the paragraph slowly and using the same volume throughout, take time to dwell lovingly on these key consonants. Fricatives use a lot of breath, so remember to breathe as often as you need to. By lengthening the consonants you will become more aware of how you […]

Vocal exercise – Speaking #5: What’s your pitch pattern?

Anything you say has a pitch pattern. If you use the same pitch pattern repeatedly, it will sound monotonous and your listeners will switch off. Using different pitch patterns – known as intonation – helps to give different meanings to your phrase. Use a phrase that you might use in your daily routine. It could […]

Start the Day Empowered – A 15 min. Guided Meditation by Paul Babin

Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Let the inhale start in your abdomen and then travel up to fill your lungs, and as you exhale just feel the sensation of release, especially in your neck and shoulders. I acknowledge you for choosing to do this meditation. It was a powerful choice and indicates […]

Vocal exercise – Speaking #3: Tongue twisters part 1

Red leather yellow leather, red lorry rellow lorr… [LAUGHS] Tongue twisters are great articulation and brain exercises. They help you coordinate your muscles of articulation and your breath. Start slowly, and then gradually speed them up until you can say them fast, three times in a row. This one targets bilabials – both lips. Purple […]

How to Meditate πŸ™πŸΌ

Meditation is a habit I’ve been practicing for the past 2 years. It’s so simple yet can be so difficult at the same time. But I keep on trying because I strongly believe in the power of meditation to enhance our quality of life. The purpose of meditation: Clear your mind, practice being aware of […]