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Clase de Aeróbic Ejercicios

hello gorgeous! How are you? welcome to a new exercise routine Today we have a routine of aerobics we will do a whole choreographed aerobics step by step cardiovascular fitness to work the whole body It is an easy choreography It is nothing complicated and also it has virtually no impact thus, you can do […]

Clase De Aerobic Para Adelgazar

Guapísimas Hello! How are you? Welcome to a new exercise routine Today we have a cardio aerobic dance routine It is a very nice routine The steps are easy I promise we will have different sequences, I’ll explain slowly until we have the complete choreography do not give up at the beginning we will do […]

SEXY & FUNNY YOGA fails – Funny fails videos 2019 FFV

[INTRO MUSIC] Whoa! Woo! [SCREAMS] Whoa, awesome! I have that on video! [LAUGHTER] Woo! [LAUGHTER] [CHUCKLES] Ow! [LAUGHTER] [RELAXING MUSIC] [MUSIC – WARNER AND CHAPPELL PRODUCTIONS, “I’M HOT”] You say that they hot as me. That sound like a lie to me. I don’t want apologies. I just want some honesty. Ain’t no way you […]