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Yoga Strap Poses Tutorial – How To Use A Yoga Strap | Clever Yoga

Hi, my name is Maryann and today I’m gonna be showing you some posses you can do using your clever yoga strap. One of the thing I’d really love using the strap for… is forward bends. Yoga strap are great way to make sure that you maintain good posture, while still being able to maximize […]

Yoga Wheel Pose For Beginners – Intense Leg Stretch – #6 | Clever Yoga

hey everybody welcome back to clever yoga my name is Marin Jaden and this is our yoga wheel series, today we’re doing pose number six which is an intense leg or hamstring stretch using the yoga wheel, for beginners we’re going to be starting with a smaller wheel because it’s a deeper stretch we’re just […]

Clever Yoga

Imagine a place where you could go to get all your yoga needs. A place of positivity and support no matter what journey you’re on or where you at in life. Clever yoga welcomes you to our community, from select quality yoga gear for you to choose from, to yoga tips and routines to help […]

How To Choose The Right Yoga Strap | Clever Yoga

When it comes to using a yoga strap, there so many on the market to choose from. And choosing the right yoga strap for you, really comes down to experimentation. I’m hoping that with this video, I can narrow down the choices a little bit more. As a yoga instructor and somebody who practices yoga […]

How To Use Yoga Blocks To Increase Flexibility | Clever Yoga

Hi my name is Maryann with clever yoga and I’m here to show you how you can use the clever yoga yoga blocks to help increase your flexibility so I love using yoga blocks in my yoga practice this probably my favorite yoga prop to use and maybe it’s just because of what I use […]

How To Use Yoga Blocks To Release Back Tension & Pain | Clever Yoga

Hi my name is Maryann with clever yoga and I’m gonna show you how to use these yoga blocks to help release back tension and relieve back pain so clever yoga blocks are typically used like any other blocks as a yoga prop the coolest thing about them is you can also use them as […]