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OSHO International Meditation Resort – A Meeting Place of Friends

OSHO presents See where 30 days away from your ROUTINE life can take you! I love it It’s nice, it’s very beautiful to laugh It’s very, very interesting… I love it! Amazing, it is an eye opener lovely It is beautiful Living In Residential Program The OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India is a […]

Creativity Evoking Sleep Meditation | Effective Tension Release

This is Rasa, welcome to your guided meditation. Lay down and begin relax. Feel free to adjust your body by finding the most comfortable position that will help you breathe and relax naturally. You can put a pillow under your knees or lower back, if this adds additional comfort for your back. Gently close your […]

Current Me vs. Future Me (Reflection & Vision Exercise)

Hi everyone, welcome back to Lavendaire. Today I’m going to share my 2017 Current Me vs. Future Me that I’m doing in my Artist of Life Workbook. I’ve shared about this exercise before, you can watch that video. The link is down below. Basically Current Me vs. Future Me is something I’ve been doing since […]