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Ellen and Michelle Obama Break It Down

– You’re doing something new at the White House for the Easter Egg Roll, right? – Yeah, well, in honor of the fifth anniversary I’ve issued this challenge. We’re calling it “Gimme Five.” And we’re using the hashtag “Gimme Five” on social media. And we’re asking folks all across the country to give me five […]

Extreme Dancing with the Stars Challenge ft. Lindsey Stirling

– You can talk the talk, – But can you dance the dance. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) – Good Mythical Morning. – First off, a word of warning, today we are gonna be attempting some extreme dance moves, or at least some dance moves extremely done. I don’t know, I don’t […]

Professional Twerker: Jessica Vanessa, Vine’s Most Famous Booty Shaker

START 00:03 COMM: Jessica Vanessa is the number one twerker in the world, with 2 million social media followers. 00:09 MAN: I give her a ten out of ten. 00:10 COMM: And the 22-year-old makes a sex figure salary from her online appearances. 00:16 JESSICA: What I make in six seconds would take me like […]

Dj Battle Ft. Lexy Panterra – Twerk Lesson [4K]

I think it’s time to get it started I know you want it I think it’s time to get it started sweating all on my body I’ll be there right where you want me I’ll touch you right where you need me Put it on me Put it on me (I think is time for […]

Yoga Time with a Cute Chihuahua

– Exactly, stay like that and try to stretch your back and paws as much as you can – – Always breathing – – Now go down with your paws and try to stretch your neck as much as you can – – Well done – – Now go down again with your neck and […]

Teaching Kids to Exercise at an Early Age | Cincinnati Children’s

teaching kids to exercise in an early age is important because these habits are more likely to carry on when they get order three important things to remember when focusing on younger kids and exercise is make it fun they will most likely lose interest if it’s boring make the exercise age-appropriate for example planks […]