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Inner Child Healing Guided Meditation with Nature Sounds

Holistic Healing for Survivors of Sexual Violence: Guided Meditation for Healing Your Inner Child Sit with feet planted firmly in the floor and palms resting up. Close your eyes and imagine being in a beautiful lush green meadow looking down upon rolling hills. Below you is a fertile valley with a river running through it. […]

Yogasans That Can Change Your Life By Dr. Kaushiki Dwivedee

In a healthy body only live so healthy mind. So my gosh look at the way the Osmonds will bring you more hit your best and your shoeshine looks sick. Well I’d tell you what recession or Oscar time. Make a minute patients. You think he’d be up. But I’ll be up if sickness not […]

Dan Harris: Hack Your Brain’s Default Mode with Meditation

There’s no way a fidgety and skeptical news anchor would ever have started meditating were it not for the science. The science is really compelling. It shows that meditation can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, help you deal with problems ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to psoriasis. And the neuroscience is where […]

Self Compassion

To survive in this high pressured, crazy world most of us have to become highly adept at self-criticism. We learn how to tell ourselves off for our failures and for not working hard or smart enough. But so good are we at this that we’re sometimes in danger of falling prey to an excessive form […]

Tara Brach: Healing Depression with Meditation, Part 2

[flute music] Namaste and welcome. So it’s nice to see you all and also to feel our extended field of people listening to the podcast and those who have joined us on the live-streaming. We’re doing the second class in a row on depression. And when I’ve done a kind of a hand raise it’s […]

Guided meditation for Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia *LONGER MUSIC*

Depression can be seen as a sign of change. Change within yourself, from your wants and desires to change in your circumstances, people around you, money and general worrysome scenarios. Depression usually comes from a snowball effect of bad situations, one after the other after the other. This sends you deeper into that low mood. […]

SLEEP BETTER and Faster | 10 Minute Daily Routines

Hello Earth Citizens. In this video, I will demonstrate a quick exercise you can do when you can’t fall asleep. This is called Toe Tapping Exercise and it’s great because it brings all the mental activity you have that is causing you not to sleep down to the bottom of your body, towards your feet. […]