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Improper Exercise Can Create or Make a Diastasis Larger-Julie Tupler, RN

Improper exercise can either create a diastasis recti or make a diastasis recti larger. A diastasis recti is the separation of the outermost abodminal muscles. The name of these muscles are the rectus abdominis. These muscles are joined together by a fibrous piece of connective tissue called the linea alba which means white line. And […]

Treating Diastasis with the Tupler Technique® Julie Tupler, RN

The medical professionals has ignored the condition Diastasis and has not gotten the connection between diastasis and back pain, diastasis and pelvic floor problems, diastasis and gastro intestinal diescorders. So many people have ths condition and just don’t know it. Why? Because they are never checked for it. Diastasis recti does not only affect women […]

Diastasis Recti: at-home check and Pilates exercises to fix it

Hi guys! It’s Robin from The Balanced Life. I am here today to share a little bit about diastasis recti. I hope you pardon my look. It’s been a long day of chasing a busy toddler, a teething toddler, training clients, and filming workouts for an upcoming program that I’m excited to share with you […]

Postpartum Pilates Workout

Hi, guys! It’s Robin from The Balanced Life. Welcome to your postpartum workout. [Music] So at the time I’m filming this workout I am just three months postpartum after having my twins so I am easing back in to my workout routines, really focusing on rebuilding core strength, particularly the pelvic floor. So this workout […]

Diastasis Recti: 5 Exercises To Close the Gap for Postpartum Moms

>Alright guys, so we are talking about diastasis recti, or diastasis recti, however you say it, now for YouTubers that are watching, this is actually a demonstration video that goes along with a blog right now on HeidiPowell.net, so for the details, head over there, I’m simply going to demonstrate because it’s like 115 degrees, […]

Yoga vs. MUTU System: How Do They Differ?

Hello, I’m Heather Christine Struwe and today I would like to help answer your question what is the difference between MUTU System and yoga. As a yoga teacher, first and foremost, let’s just recognize that Yoga is so much more than poses and postures, even though that’s what we mostly hear about and that’s going […]

3 Yoga Poses That Relieve Pelvic Pain

hey everyone welcome to my public power hour this is e Sahara real answers to real questions posted by real people and there is no jiving on this show now I got a really interesting question from Karen from New Jersey that I’m going to be answering and it’s all about pelvic pain and creating […]