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Kevin Gates Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

(knocking) – Hey Kev, we are here to see your gym and fridge. (mellow hiphop music) – Hey, what’s going on? This what we gonna do today. Today, you tuned in to Kevin Gates, the world sexiest gangster edition. (bomb explodes) (bell dings) ♪ Hey, yo feel this ♪ I’m gonna show y’all my gym, […]

The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

We have this idea that if we want to lose weight, we join a gym on January 1st, we start working out regularly, and eventually we’ll slim down. Well, here’s some bad news. I read more than sixty studies on this, and it turns out exercise is actually pretty useless when it comes to weight […]

Howie Mandel: Diet & Exercise on the Road

Balance is the hardest thing that I find to do, in as far as, keep my career going and do what I do. I love entertaining live. I still, to this day, do 200 live dates a year as a stand-up comic. So I’m on the road. You know, I have high cholesterol. I shouldn’t […]

(EN/日)따라하며 배우는 유산소 운동! [소리]

SoRi’s Youtube Channel Aerobic workout with SoRi Hi everybody I am SoRi Today as you can see I am wearing again a sports outfit. Isn’t it pretty? The reason I am wearing a training suit is that today you will learn from SoRi an aerobic workout lesson Aerobic exercises with SoRi You can do it! […]

7 Ways To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Without A Gym

Good morning everybody Rosie and I are on a little hike this morning and I don’t know why it’s taking me this long to do this because Hong Kong is a great place to hike although it’s a concrete jungle is surrounded by mountains and sea and you get views like this Which would be […]