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Le Yoga – Natoo

Hello I wanted to share with you my feelings about a practice I recently started doing Yoga No that’s a dog Yoga is a physical and spiritual activity which comes from India And for many people who have never done it they picture it like this: Namaste We will begin this class with deep inhalations […]

Giving The People What They Want

P: Hey guys! D: Hello Internet! P: Hello D: So…Dan and Phil in 2018, eh? P: Yeah! D: What’s that about? P: Who knows? D: Amiright? D: So we are doing a world tour this summer that actually starts in a few weeks. P: Yes! P: Called Interactive Introverts! D: Great name. P: I know, […]

Ashra Yoga Flow : Tutorial for : the upper dog pose

Upper dog pose Lie in prone position place your hands on the floor on either side of the chest and keep your elbows close to your body spaced legs to the width of the basin and pull out to pull the fingers of feet inhale and press your hands and back feet on the floor […]

Yoga: Sullivan Spaniel

Om! Om! Hey there chum! Um…. Om! Um! Om! Um, what are you doing?(Whispers.) [Whispering] You’re doing yoga? Yoga, huh? That’s where you tie yourself up into a pretzel and stuff huh? Uh huh. Why do you do it? Why do you do it? [Whispers.] Nikki remember for inner peace so you can put yourself […]


[SLAP] [Amy] Give me a b–give me a bigger– [Mark] OW! [Amy] (gasps) OH NO! [Mark] I just cardboard-cutted myself! oooo!! o o o o O O O O O O ! ! ! Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. This is the Puff n’ Fluff. Now, the Puff n’ Fluff is an “As Seen on TV” product […]

Keith Puppysits The Try Guys Dogs

Today I’ll be watching everyone else’s dogs all at once. You’ll probably come to this video being like, “Oh, Keith the dog hater,” “He’s gonna learn to become a dog lover.” F*** that not a chance, but I am gonna pick the best dog. It’s kind of like The Bachelor. Think of it like The […]

PoserKids Pulse | KANE’S BEST FRIEND | Kids Yoga News

Hi Poserkids, Alex Andra here thanking you as always for checking in with the poser pulse. Our first story today is about loyalty. Loyalty is the state of being loyal to someone or something or a strong feeling of support or allegiance. Do you know which animal is commonly noted as being the most loyal […]

Standing Yoga Poses : Yoga Sun Salutation Part 2

In this clip, I’m going to explain the second part of the sun salutation. If you’ve skipped ahead and not watched the previous clip, please go back. Because, then it will give you the sequence leading up to this. So, where I left off was for the beginner student where you’re still working on strength. […]

Standing Yoga Poses : Yoga Sun Salutation Part 1

In any Vinyasa flow, you will do Sun Citations. And I’m going to break this down actually into two parts. And this is the first part of the Sun Citation. If you haven’t watched the previous clip, I highly recommend you go back and it will break down each of these postures that I’m about […]