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1980s Workout with Mindy Kaling and Kevin Hart

Welcome to an all-new episode of “What the Fit.” People, I of course am your host, Kevin Hart. Today, guess what. Today we are taking it back to the ’80s. And by ’80s, I do mean the ’80s, full swing. You see my car? We’re doing it! And on my show today is Mindy Kaling. […]

attempting water aerobics for a hot girl summer!!

*pleasant non-copywrighted imovie music plays* ew there’s a bug!! Hi guys welcome to aqua fitness with Belka *checking herself out* video plays in background *me in the background trying to learn the routine* mm pivot your foot *laughs at my joke* i look fucking ridiculous oh my god!!!! hi im bellah and im…*coughs* one more […]


Hello guys, today I am back with another video, and I need to be more pumped up. Hello guys today I am going to be showing you my summer workout routine This is basically like what I do every day And I’ll kind of explain what I do First we’ll talk about how often I […]


Hey guys, what’s up? Squad, what’s up? Squad, to start off today’s vlog we’re gonna Go make some breakfast just a little um we’re just gonna do a little cooking. What are we gonna cook? That… Was so creative Lily’s fridges automatic ice and it’s so cool My house doesn’t have this. Wow, this is […]