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Pilates Beginner (1): Increase core strength 普拉提(初學者) 強化腹肌

Welcome back to QUALiTE HEALTH Production~ I am Abbey In this video, I will introduce basic Pilates movements at beginner level. Before we get started, lets answer some questions from our friends. First, what are the effective stretching methods for professional bus drivers? The previous video mentioned about some effective stretching methods for neck and […]

5 Core Exercises for Footballers | Train Like Dele

We’re here with Dele and we will talk about fitness and nutrition. We will look at how some of the best players train and stay fit. Playing at your level, you must train all the time on and off the pitch. Trying to stay fit isn’t just, like, two hours a day – it’s a […]

Part 2 | My Summer 2018 Full Body Gym Workout

Today I’m going to give you a quick look at one of my efficient full body workouts that I do at the gym. So let me know what you think and let’s get started. The first exercise I am going to do is the Barbell deadlift. I am going to warm-up first. Barbell deadlifts are […]

The Biggest Loser || The First Workout

No excuses! Right, ready start training training? Let’s go! I’m excited about these new contestants. I finally get to sink my teeth into the idea of transforming these people’s lives. Do not put your hands on my treadmill. You thought you saw something last season? Treadmill raise my incline to 10. I want you going […]

Bite by Bite: Hydration

Hi, happy National Nutrition Month! My name is Ashley Girt, and I’m a registered dietitian at Parkview Health. Today, I’m going to be talking to you a little bit about the importance of water consumption and overall hydration. Everyone has probably heard of the general recommendation to have eight 8-ounce cups of water per day, […]

Fittest of the Fit Challenge with Carrie Underwood

-Now, Carrie, since your book is all about getting healthy and fit, I thought it’d be fun if we played a new fitness game. It’s time for “Tonight Show” Fittest of the Fit Challenge. -♪ You wanna get fit, you wanna get fit ♪ ♪ Fittest of the Fit ♪ -All right. Our first challenge […]