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Adaptive Pilates : Adaptive Pilates: Scaption Exercises

Okay, so I’m sitting on this platform as if I were to be in a wheelchair. Like to show, make very clear that in this position I can perform all kinds of exercises to mobilize my shoulders, to find and and take advantage of my deeper core muscles, and just overall to exercise in a […]

‘Gym harassment is not a compliment’ BBC Stories

Every day millions of us get our gear on and head to the gym. But why is it that some people are being made to feel uncomfortable when they get there? Many will have seen, heard of, or even experienced harassment at the gym. A quick look on social media shows just how common this […]

The Four-Minute Cardio Workout For Your Heart

Hi I am Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Adviser. This is the four minute cardio workout for your heart. Four minute routine. We’re going to do twenty seconds of higher intensity, 10 seconds of recovery. Will do that two times through. Four exercises. We’re gonna start with fake jump rope. Ready and begin. So twenty seconds. […]

Vicky Tolfrey | Spinal cord injury exercise guidelines

Hello, I’m Vicky Tolfrey and I’m a Professor at Loughborough University. I’m a Professor in Applied Disability Sport and I’m also Director of the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport. I’ve been involved over the last eighteen months with a really exciting project that’s really brought some great collaborations with people from overseas, researchers, practitioners, […]

What Too Much Exercise Does To Your Body And Brain

– [Narrator] Exercising is supposed to be good for you. It can help you stay at a healthy weight, improve your cardiovascular health, and even ward off depression. But, like most things, it’s possible to over-do it. And getting too much exercise can have serious consequences on your body and brain. So what exactly is […]

#MENOPAUSEMONDAYS® Aerobics for the Non-Jock!

Hi, are you postmenopausal and afraid of aerobic exercise? Well, I’m Ellen at EllenDolgen.com and #MENOPAUSEMONDAYS®.Let’s go for a walk . Alright, Ellen, that wasn’t so bad, was it? No, it really was, it went by so fast. How long was it? Thirty-minutes. That’s it? Thirty minutes? How many times a week? If you can […]

Reformer Barre Tone – Pilates by LAF

Let’s talk toning. In this Reformer Barre workout you’ll be slimming your thighs and firming your seat in this exciting standing workout! That’s right, there’s no time for sitting as you sculpt your body to fitness perfection. Be prepared to make use of all studio props and equipment to tone your body from head to […]

Is Sex The Best Exercise | Injibs Cosmets | Sex Videos | Adult World

is sex the best exercise let’s talk let’s talk about this list let’s discuss about it and don’t go make sure you don’t go anywhere sits – don’t move and listen to all this it’s but the question still stands the question is coming through all the comment comments people are committing sending in comments […]