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Shashankasana & Bhujangasaan II शशांकासन एव भुजंगासन II By Yoga Guru Abhay Kumar Choudhary II

Namaskar, Come we will tell you the combination of two exercises. Here you will find Shashankasana & Bhujangasaan What are the benefits of their combination. Firstly by Shashankasana & Bhujangasaan they are the combination of your Lungs area, Stomach, Intestine, Liver,Kidney Internal organs, they are become super fine and systematic. Our senses become smooth with […]

Yoga Treats: For Good Mornings & Great Breaks

Stand with your feet apart. Line up the outside of the feet with the outer edge of the mat. Let’s pause here for a brief moment and bring our focus back to the chest. Is it open? Is it comfortable? Keep your legs fixed in place, extend your arms out to you sides at shoulder […]


Wah! How to!? Oh my god… Hello everyone! I’m Angeline. I’m Wendy. Welcome to… Today we’ll be doing the epic yoga challenge as a way of breaking the ice with all of you Hopefully without breaking our backs. Ok, so.Why yoga? You’re kidding me right? Hey, yoga’s very good for you, you know? Why? Erm…because…yoga […]

Yoga Flow For Flexibility | Full Body Stretch | 21 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to rachel Pichler yoga my name is Rachel today we’re gonna do a nice yoga flow for flexibility so find just a little bit of space to move let’s get started and just remember to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already all right you guys we’re gonna start in child’s […]

We Did 100 Lunges A Day For 30 Days

– I want to hear a lot of damn booty. More of that. (Upbeat alternative music) – So, I’m someone who goes through these stages of like, either working out a ton or not working out at all. Currently, I’m in the not working out much at all category of my life. – I’ve been […]

Stress Relief Yoga : Bali Seal Yoga Pose

So the next series is a Bali-Seal which is a movement on the breast that helps to release tension from the shoulders and also the back of the body. So you can start with your hips on your heels and then draw your forehead to the floor palms facing up. As you inhale you can […]

Morning Yoga | Full Body Stretch | 12 Minutes

good morning everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler Yoga my name is Rachel we’re going to be doing another nice morning yoga practice today so fun just a little bit of space to move and let’s get started so we’ll get started today by just finding a nice comfortable seat so maybe sitting cross-legged or on […]