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5 Essential Gym Exercises For Weedy Road Cyclists

– This might be the only gym video on YouTube that’s not about getting buff, ripped, shredded and hench. Instead, it’s about getting stronger. Hopefully. (smooth music) (energetic techno music) – Cyclists are not renowned as being a particularly muscled and buff crowd, even if you wouldn’t get that impression from the two you see […]

Beginner Kegel Exercise Routine with Intimate Rose Pelvic Floor Weights

Hi, I’m Amanda Olson; I’m a doctor of physical therapy, and a certified pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist. I’m going to show you exercises to do if the white weight is feeling too heavy. So what you’ll want to do is lay down on your back. You’ll put the white weight into your body, and lay […]

Exercise of The Week – Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift

Hi, I’m Melissa and this is Craig and we work at Elite River Glen. Today, we’re going to be showing you a Single-Leg Deadlift. So Craig, I’m going to have you hold that in your right hand and then point your right toe back behind you. So this is our starting position guys. If you […]

How to Do Kundalini Yoga Exercises : Cat Cow Kundalini Yoga Pose

SCOTT SOLLER: Hi, my name is Scott Soller, yoga instructor, here on behalf of Expert Village. For the catcow, we’ll move back and forth, same pelvic tilts. On the exhale, draw the two sides of the abdomen in curling the tail. Inhaling, relaxing abdomen, lifting tail. Feel how your abdominals and your pelvis work together. […]