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Yoga Poses for Upper Body Strength : Yoga Crow Pose for Upper Body Strength

So when you’re feeling strong, you’ve done lots and lots of chaturangas, you’ve done lots and lots of one-legged plank poses, you’ve done lots and lots of dolphins and you’re feeling the inversions and you’re feeling the forearm stance, try this one. This is crow. You’ve seen this one before, probably. You’re going to start […]

Upper Body Workout and Stretching Exercises – Part 2

Hi I’m Asha and I’m back on the mat with another episode for you. In today’s video I’ll be showing you fish pose. This is a great asana to give you gentle stretch to the upper back and shoulder. To begin, take the palms back and then drop the elbows on the mat. Stretch the […]

Beginning Yoga Poses : Yoga Child’s Pose

Next we’ll be practicing child’s pose, which is a wonderful pose to stop and just relax in at any point in time during your practice. So coming from a kneeling position, we’re just simply sitting back onto our heels. We can leave our arms extended for extended child’s pose. Or we can release our arms, […]

Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga Chaturanga Pose

I’m Linda Black here to show you Chaturanga. This is not a simple pose, but, for beginners we’re going to show you a nice way to get into it. Starting in four limbs staff pose, out from your hands and knees, extend the fingers, the feet back to the back edge of your mat so […]