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Grow Your Butt At Home | Lean Muscle | Booty Workout

hey everyone, so today. We’ll have a booty routine that you can do at home, and that’s right You can get nice round booty at home So he can do this routine with your body weight but really recommend you to use some ankle weights I have the 2.5 k on here This are heavy […]

Kundalini Yoga Basics : Breath of Fire in Kundalini Yoga

In this clip, we’re going to practice Breath of Fire, which is fundamental to the practice of Kundalini yoga. In Breath of Fire, it is a rapid breath through the nose with the navel point pumping in and out with equal emphasis on both the inhale and exhale. The easiest way to learn Breath of […]

7 Reasons Why You Need to Do Planks Every Day

Seven reasons why you need to do planks every day. Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do at home. They don’t take much time or effort. And you don’t have to wait long for tangible results. Several incredible changes will happen to your body if you do this exercise regularly. For […]

20 Minute Mobility & Strength Training Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey, welcome back to Yoga With Tim. Today, we’re gonna do not so much yoga, this is just gonna be exercises. We’re gonna do some exercises for your core and for your legs, and your hips. So, this is a great video to do if you don’t want to do much sun salutations, but […]

Advanced Yoga Poses : Yoga Plow Pose

Once you’ve mastered your Pile Drivers now you’re ready for Plow Pose or Full Roll Over. And we’re going to make sure we own our roll down, C shape, curve out that spine, maintain that integrity, relax into the mat. Hit all positions with your pelvis. And once you’ve got a nice, stable, secure low […]

Advanced Yoga Poses : Yoga One Legged Plank Pose

From a downward dog position, plank is great for strengthening the whole body it utilizes a push up position. But were going to add a balance challenge of extending opposite arm and opposite leg while, holding plank pose. Were going to put our hands right underneath our shoulders, and these are going to be hip […]