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Testing out an astronaut’s exercise regimen

– You’ve been at it for a good 3 minutes Lauren. – Oh my gosh. Feels like an eternity. – [Lauren] Sending people to space isn’t just about hardware and mechanics. It’s also about biology. You’re body changes a whole lot in microgravity. And you can be exposed to some harmful elements. So I’m headed […]

Ice Cold Shower Meditation | 30 Days Challenge ❄️

The “30 Days Cold Shower Challenge”! ❄️ Now… that’s something I wanted to do now for such a long time and many people already made such kind of videos, where they take cold showers and tell us the benefits of it! but I wanted to do something unique and after some research I found this […]

How to know what you want from life? – Rocking chair exercise

hey everyone this is Mirna from happiness academy and today I want to share with you one exercise that’s gonna help you clarify a little bit your vision in life and what you want from life it’s called rocking chair exercise and it’s gonna take you about 20 minutes to get it done so grab […]

Exercise Ball Magnus Effect: HELIUM VS. AIR from 200m!

All right three, two, one, go! Go you good thing! So we’re just at a mall in Maseru, Lesotho getting some helium. It’s one of the most random things that we’ve done. What the heck. I’ll get ready with the pin. Three, two, one Yeah. It’s definitely not floating. Should find our Taxi. Let’s do […]

The Try Guys Try CrossFit

– I burned a calorie! – [JP] Shake it off for a bit, Keith. – Oh my thighs. Oh no, I’m gonna do the thing where the bar goes up? Oh that’s my biggest fear. (upbeat club music) (mellow rock music) How’s it going? – [JP] How’s it going, Keith? – Thanks for having me. […]

How to find the microplastics in your seafood

(quirky music) – There’s something fishy about these shrimp. And I don’t mean the smell of raw seafood in a warm car on a hot day which… (groaning) (laughing) We’re on our way to a lab to dissect the shrimp. And see if they contain some tiny evidence of a global problem. Oh yeah. That’s […]

Kids Learn Magic | Disappearing Water Trick | HiHo Kids

– I’m gonna teach you a trick right now, you ready? – Yes! – Yes. – Yes! – Yes. – Yes! – Yes. – Yes! (mischievous music) – My name is Nash, I do magic. – My name is Desmond – And I teach him. – I’m learning magic. – Today I’m gonna teach you […]

Kids Meet a Black Belt | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– Okay now I’m gonna yell like a tiger, and punch it, okay, are you ready? One, two, three. Ah! (whimsical music) Hi. – What’s your name? – What’s my name? Okay, I’ll go first then. My name is William. Nice to meet you, Crystal. – Nice to meet you, William. Are you a karate […]

The Try Guys $850 Indian Food Challenge ft. Lilly Singh

– Hey kids! – Hey Uncle Eugene! – What are we doing today? – We are eating Indian food! – We’re going on an Indian food tour all throughout Los Angeles. Three restaurants, one special guest. – Wassup? – [All] Yay! – Thanks for having me guys. – Yeah, thanks for coming. – Today we’re […]