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Advanced Pilates Exercises : The Open Leg Rocker Pilates Exercise

The next movement is called open leg rocker. To begin, extend your legs one at a time until you’re in this position. You can hold higher up onto your ankles, behind your knees or in between on your calves. And inhale to roll back, initiating with your lower AB contraction and then come up on […]

Pilates Warm-Up Exercises : Breathing Tips in Pilates

The next thing that we’re going to cover is inhaling and exhaling. When you breathe in Pilates, you want to try to breathe in through the lateral sides of your rib cage and use all of your lung capacity. So, take a nice deep inhale and as you do, try not to stick out your […]

Pilates Warm-Up Exercises : The Double Arm Lift Pilates Exercise

So the first exercise that we’re going to do is the double arm lift. As you do this, keep in mind the rib cage that we discussed earlier and try to allow the ribs to stay on the mat and not let the shoulders come up and hike up towards your ears. Taking a deep […]

Pilates Warm-Up Exercises : The Chest Lift Pilates Exercise

The next exercise is chest lift. So, it’s pretty much the crunch that you were always taught with a little Pilates twist. So, inhale laterally using all of your lung capacity, exhale and just simply curl up. You only want to come up until about the bottom of your shoulder blades, right here, is touching […]

Pilates Warm-Up Exercises : The Half Roll-Down Pilates Exercise

The next exercise is the half roll-down. To do this exercise you can either keep your hands lightly clasped behind your thighs or you can hold them out to the sides, whichever is more comfortable for you. So, the first half is pretty much the same C curve that we practiced earlier but now you’re […]

Advanced Pilates Exercises : The Hamstring Pull 3 Pilates Exercise

The next exercise is hamstring pull three. It is similar to hamstring pull two in that your arms will be up and your hands clasped behind your head. And we’ll be incorporating the lateral rotation that we worked on for chest lift with rotation. So, hands behind the head, legs up. Inhale, exhale to curl […]

Advanced Pilates Exercises : The Neck Pull Pilates Exercise

The next exercise is called Neck Pull. It’s similar to Roll Up, but there are a few differences. To begin, you’ll be lying out flat and your arms are going to be out with your hands clasped behind your head. Check into your ribs to make sure they are relaxed, and your feet are pointed. […]

Advanced Pilates Exercises : Advanced Pilates Exercises: Leg Pull Front

This advanced pilates exercise is called the leg pull front because we are going to be facing front really working the hamstrings, the gluts, the core and everything so come on down to a prone position. Your hands are directly underneath your shoulders and you want to lift your knees up off the mat and […]

Pilates Warm-Up Exercises : The Leg Change Pilates Exercise

So the next exercise is similar to the single leg lift. Now we will alternate legs. So, take a nice inhale through the sides of the ribs feeling the back of the ribs on the mat still. Exhale, take one leg up. Inhale, and as you drop it down to the floor, just pick the […]