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Could Increasing the Melanin In Your Skin Protect You From Cancer?

More people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the US than any other cancer combined. In fact, melanoma–a highly dangerous type of skin cancer–is estimated to claim one life every hour. So what if you could lower your risk of skin cancer….by changing the color of your skin? Ok, this is a big subject, so […]

Why female condoms are so hard to find

Male condoms come in all types of fun shapes and sizes and flavors. Some even glow-in-the-dark. There are hundreds of male condoms that have been approved by the FDA. Amazon alone has 76 pages full of different options, but how many types of female condoms are available in the US? Turns out, just one. A […]

The Map of Physics

So physics is a huge subject that covers many different topics going from galaxies in the depths of space right down to subatomic particles. And if you don’t already know physics its difficult sometimes to see how all these different subjects are related to each other. So this is my attempt to show that in […]