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Ozzy Man Reviews: Gym Fails

OK, I’ll be clear from the beginning that I do not wish to shame people for going to the gym. My intention is to learn from these videos, because I need to start going. What we are witnessing here is that warming up is very important. I have some self-taught Kung Fu skills too, so […]

The Perfect Gym for Resolution Breakers…One Time Fitness – Studio C

♪♪ Man:New Year’s is just around the corner,and so are your resolutions,so give yourself the best gift of all:a membership at One Time Fitness.Here at One Time Fitness, you can sign upfor a one-time 30-minute gym membership experience.It’s just enough to give you bragging rightsabout going to the gymwithout all the self-loathingfrom never actually going […]

1 KILL = 1 DARE ! Fortnite Roulette w/ Model Sommer Ray

I got a kill! I got a Kill! Spin the wheel! Sommer you already know what time it is. R: Hello Everybody! Get off your phone! S: Sorry, sorry I didn’t know we started yet Ok man, me and Sommer haven’t been in a video in a Long time so- S:He’s really been missing me, […]

Stretch Marks: Good, Bad & Ugly (UhOhBro)

Stretch marks. Good, bad and ugly. as you may know, stretch marks are streaks or stripes on the skin especially on the abdomen, cased by distension of the skin from obesity or during pregnancy this is an example of pretty standard stretch marks I’d call them not bad here’s more stretch marks only these look […]