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Mom, Dadi Aur Period | Girliyapa M.O.M.S

Pavi, I won’t be able to make it to the dance competition today. No ya, bandage isn’t working anymore. Now, there is only one option. This has to be sealed. Krisha? Yes, mom! Coming! Krisha, hurry up kid, you have to go to the temple and ask god for a first prize also, right? Mamta, […]


Yo Alfie have you got a hot tub with orbeez in it? Yo Alfie have you got a pet dinosaur? Even my dinosaur has a dinosaur pet! Yo Alfie do you like my orbeez pool? Yo Alfie do you have a crocodile ginormous crocodile slide? Yo Alfie do you like my waterpark? That’s it! Hello […]


I wasn’t expecting a wall to be there. It’s getting weird. The kids are going crazy. Look at this maniac. Okay go see if James will run over you bye. Have a great time. Okay truth is this is the first time I’m filming it and it’s almost dark outside. I just exercised. I’ve been […]