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Ellen and Michelle Obama Break It Down

– You’re doing something new at the White House for the Easter Egg Roll, right? – Yeah, well, in honor of the fifth anniversary I’ve issued this challenge. We’re calling it “Gimme Five.” And we’re using the hashtag “Gimme Five” on social media. And we’re asking folks all across the country to give me five […]

[360 VR 1인칭 영상] 핏걸스 효정 1인칭 커플 스트레칭

Hello, everyone. Today, we will learn the stretching for a couple. So today I wish that we will have a fun time. Are you ready? I’ll start right away! Please extend your legs. At first I’ll slightly press the hamstring. And let me spread your legs in V shape. After that, I will press it […]


welcome back to the artisan one Asian guys I am your host Sorenson one and into this video we’re gonna be watching yoga pants prank done by one of my favorite youtubers Brady boy Fredo if you don’t know pretty boy Fredo is I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t know pretty much right away is […]