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TONING & WEIGHT LOSS Home Workout \\ Train Arms, Booty, Belly

Welcome to today’s toning and fat burning workout We are going to be working on toning your arms your booty your abs your credit This is the workout. That’s gonna fix your credit. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Let’s jump straight into the warm-up with our rotations Make sure your feet are flat on the floor […]

60 min Cardio-Yoga Pilates-Boxing

[SILENCE] JEN: Hi. Welcome to CardiYoFit. My name is Jenn Menzer, and this is my colleague Susan Reardon. And we’re gonna take you through an hour of a fantastic High-Low Cardio, Pilates & Yoga extravaganza. So, get ready. We’ll start off with our warm-up. So let’s take a nice deep breath in, bringing the arms […]

The Pillow Case Workout: 50 min heart pumping Yoga-Cardio-Pilates Flow

[SILENCE] Hye! Welcome to CardiYoFit. My name is Jennifer Menzer – I’m Emily And we are going to take you through a really fun pillowcase workout. We’d like to keep it fresh and new, creative, keep you on your toes… …keep you coming back for more. So, press pause. Head over to your linen closet […]

Your Pre Workout Motivation for 2017 | Gym Motivation

Athleticism, aesthetics, strength, motivation, power 2017 gotta go down, we ain’t accepting nothing but success and progress Everybody wants to change, but no one wants to worrkout Everyone wants muscle, but nobody wants to train See, one of the changes that we have in our life is We don’t realize that the process of training […]