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Pilates and Yoga Style Moves

You can try these at home! But only if you are fit enough to do so This works on your balance This works as a simple stretch Reach to the sky Slow transitions from one pose to another are advisable This video is a short demo of movements This is ‘Down Dog’ a very common […]

Climber Yoga: Getting Started with Yoga for Climbers (Lesson 1)

(trance music) – [Voiceover] In this class we’ll move through several variations of Sun Salutation A. Sun salutations are a very effective way to stretch and strengthen the body in preparation for climbing. Find the variation that works best for your body today. Remember that breathing is mandatory but poses are optional. The most important […]

Yin Yoga & Zen Yoga Poses & Types : Table Top Poses of Zen Yoga

Hi my name is Scott Soller, yoga instructor on behalf of Expert Village. For the upper body strength, when you said you want to make sure you have a strong upper body, to help you support, helps you support in the sitting. Feet are hip width apart. Hands come behind for the Table Top position. […]

Yin Yoga & Zen Yoga Poses & Types : Cat Cow Variations of Zen Yoga

Hi my name is Scott Soller, yoga instructor on behalf of Expert Village. In the Cat Cow, we utilize the block. Block comes between the knees so that the hips remain approximately hip width apart, the palms are down, fingers wide. You can have the hands under shoulders, you might take the hands slightly out […]

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Exercise is really important during pregnancy. Things like swimming, walking, even prenatal yoga can be really beneficial to a pregnant mom. In our modern times, we don’t do nearly as much walking as we were really created to do. For instance, we don’t forge for food or work in the fields all day. And when […]

The Benefits Of Chair Yoga

(calming music) – We all get busy at work but it’s still important to fit some movement into your day, even if it’s sitting at your desk, so I am with Serena at Room to Breathe yoga studio, now Serena, we’re here to talk about chair yoga. – Yes chair yoga can be such a […]

Dylan Dreyer Tries On Expanding Thanksgiving-Themed Pants | TODAY

and you have the determination to keep going. HUMIRA has a proven track record of being prescribed for nearly ten years. It’s the number one prescribed biologic by dermatologists. More than 250,000 patients have chosen HUMIRA to fight their psoriasis. And they’re not backing down. For most patients clearer skin is the proof. HUMIRA can […]