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3-Way Scap Circles (Scapular Muscle Activation & Mobility Exercises)

many people suffer from poor scapular muscle activation and mobility in this video you’re going to learn a common mistake people make when working the scapular muscles and a simple drill to get all of your scapular muscles fired up and working through their full range of motion yo what’s up Coach E here from […]

Stretch for Ballet Day 1, Part 2 Stretch

all right if you already warm let’s go into the stretching, if you haven’t seen our warm-up exercise please click on this video to warm up first before you start stretching let’s get started with your feet all right let’s move to our stretching of the hamstring muscles so we’re gonna hold this for 30 […]

Wall Neck Side Bends/Rotations (Simple & SAFE Exercises for a Stiff Neck)

if your neck is feeling stiff and tight and try these simple and safe exercises that can help relieve the tension and improve your neck mobility without endangering your cervical spine yo what’s up coach E here from precision movement and today I’ve got a couple of simple drills and safe drills for a stiff […]

90/90 Side Bend (↑ hip rotation and glute minimus/medius strength)

hip rotation mobility is lacking in many and it often leads to knee and low back pain because these areas compensate for the lack of hip rotation in this video you’re gonna learn a unique exercise to improve hip rotation that also strengthens the gluteus minimus and medius muscles know what’s up Coach E here […]

AC Joint Pain Exercises for Shoulder Rehab

if you’ve got AC joint pain you’ve got to be doing these three exercises immediately to finally get your shoulder healthy yo what’s up it’s Coach E here from precision movement and today we are going to go through three exercises to help you fix up your AC joint pain okay so AC joint is […]

Key Exercises to Relieve Stress & Get More Energy

hey everyone it’s Barbara from Resync today I want to quickly share with you a few moves that can hopefully help you to move and feel better we just left our office and I personally like to use a friend of mine who is a great movement coach and I believe everyone movement coaches as […]

5 Exercises to Fix “Patellar Tracking Disorder”

if you have patellar tracking disorder then in this video you’re gonna learn five exercises to keep your knees healthy and pain-free hey what’s up Coach E here from precision movement and before we get into today’s topic of patellar tracking disorder I just wanted to give a shout out to all of my subscribers […]

3 Best Golfers Elbow Treatment Exercises

in this video we’re gonna go through three of the best golfer’s elbow treatment exercises to help you get back to golfing throwing lifting or going about your life pain-free. hey what’s up it’s Coach E here and in this video I’ve got three exercises to help you get out of pain from golfer’s elbow […]

Why Common Achilles Tendonitis Treatment FAILS (and 3 exercises to do)

hey what’s up coach E here from precision movement and today we’re going to talk about why most common achilles tendonitis treatment fails and three reasons why you get it achilles tendonitis and exercises specifically for each of those reasons so what is common achilles tendonitis treatment well if you search online or if you […]