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Tropical Paradise Vacation (Aroma Therapy & Massage) Guided Meditation

Welcome to this guided meditation, your get away, your self-care time, where you will relax and re-charge your emotional and physical batteries. Practice this meditation whenever you need a pick me up and if you feel the need for a change of scenery. Before we begin, it is recommended to use your favourite essential oil […]

Gentle Emotional and Physical Release | Guided Meditation

This is Rasa. Welcome to your guided meditation. Before we begin, make sure your environment is quiet and somewhere you will not be disturbed. Now, sit up straight and roll your shoulders back. Or, lie down in a comfortable position. Allow for your body to relax. Take 1 deep breath in and exhale. Take a […]

Gym Games – Pin Down

This game is called ‘Pin Down’. Start with hula hoops around a small playing area. Place a plastic pin inside each. Those are the home bases for the players. One player at each base will protect their pin. The remaining players will stay at the edge waiting for their turn to get in. They will […]

How to Do Mat Pilates Exercises : Warming Up for Double Leg Pilates Stretch

I’m going to be teaching you the Double Leg Stretch from the Abdominal Series of Five from the beginner mat work. To prepare for this exercise, we’re on the floor, on your back. Knees up, feet down on the floor. This is a great abdominal strengthening exercise. It helps to coordinate the breath and the […]

POWERFUL Hypnotic SLEEP (ASMR) • ABUNDANCE Soothing Meditation

This is Rasa. Welcome to another powerful guided meditation. Lie down and ease into your sleeping position It is time for your body to rest, for your mind to relax and for your soul to take a break Close your eyes, take a deep breath in As you breathe in, breathe in deeply and slowly […]

Pilates Exercises for Beginners : Pilates Exercise : Saw

Get ready for the Saw. To your arms – this is a two-part motion here. You lift up. You reach up and over. Pinkie finger, pinkie toe. Saw. Two, three. Back up. Lengthen. Reach up and over. Back up. Reach up and over. Modified version: slide down behind the knees. Lengthen. Up and over. As […]

AKASHIC RECORDS • Access ANY Info • Psychic Practice Meditation

This is Rasa and welcome to your guided meditation. You are about to enter a state of deep meditation. If you are outside in nature or inside in a quiet space, make sure you feel grounded and comfortable in your environment so you can stay focused, yet relaxed. Arrive in your chosen position with a […]

Advanced Pilates Exercises : The Hamstring Pull 3 Pilates Exercise

The next exercise is hamstring pull three. It is similar to hamstring pull two in that your arms will be up and your hands clasped behind your head. And we’ll be incorporating the lateral rotation that we worked on for chest lift with rotation. So, hands behind the head, legs up. Inhale, exhale to curl […]

Exercise Referral in Lincolnshire

Exercise Referral is a 12-week programme which is available across Lincolnshire where adults can be referred in by their medical professional suffering from various medical conditions that would be made better through regular exercise. There’s quite a broad referral criteria that we now work to. When we started it was just simply obesity, diabetes, pulmonary […]