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Yoga Burn for Weight Loss By Zoe Bray Cotton DVD Review

Women that would like to lose excess weight in a fast, effective and safe manner is currently able to join the Yoga Burn program. Her Yoga Secrets with Zoe Bray Cotton promises to demonstrate the comfort of your own home to shape the way to use yoga to control your weight boost immunity and tone […]

BoBoiBoy The Movie™ Exclusive – FULL HD

Attack! Launch the T-Bots now! Right away, Captain! Don’t let him get away! Launch the constrictors! Tie him down and stop him! After all this time. I have finally captured you, Klamkabot. Get ready to bring Klamkabot up. Who would’ve thought. You were hiding in this place all along. Captain! What’s going on? High teleportation […]

Yoga Poses for Upper Body Strength : Yoga Crow Pose for Upper Body Strength

So when you’re feeling strong, you’ve done lots and lots of chaturangas, you’ve done lots and lots of one-legged plank poses, you’ve done lots and lots of dolphins and you’re feeling the inversions and you’re feeling the forearm stance, try this one. This is crow. You’ve seen this one before, probably. You’re going to start […]

Yoga Meditation Exercises : Centering for Yoga Exercises

There are also other ways you can center yourself for your yoga practice. You can use a guided meditation which you can find many of these online, just Google guided meditations and there’d be recorded meditations and guided instructions on how to center. There’s also readings you can do, whether be a prayer, a meditation […]

Kundalini Yoga Basics : Breath of Fire in Kundalini Yoga

In this clip, we’re going to practice Breath of Fire, which is fundamental to the practice of Kundalini yoga. In Breath of Fire, it is a rapid breath through the nose with the navel point pumping in and out with equal emphasis on both the inhale and exhale. The easiest way to learn Breath of […]

Yoga Poses for Insomnia : Yoga Head to Knee Pose for Insomnia

Our next pose in our sequence for overcoming insomnia is a seated head to knee pose. All you are going to do is from your easy pose, take one leg out to your side. If you are sitting on your block in easy pose, remain sitting on your block for this pose. This pose is […]

Advanced Arm Balance Yoga Poses : Side Pro Pose Arm Balances in Advanced Yoga

Hi! My name is Leta Koontz and I’m a yoga instructor at Schoolhouse Yoga in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m here today on behalf of Expert Village to teach you some arm balances. If you’re feeling comfortable with regular standard pro, it’s time to try side pro. For side pro you’re going to turn your body to […]