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Standing Yoga Poses : Yoga Triangle Pose

The next part of the series is Trikonasana or Triangle Pose. What you want to do is step your foot forward and, step your right foot forward, left foot back. You can leave your hips open just like you were in Warrior II. The only difference between this and Warrior II is you’re not bending […]

Seated Yoga Poses : Yoga Pigeon Pose

An excellent hip opener on your mat is pigeon or eka pada konasana. So, what you want to do is come into table. Which, we discussed in previous clips. It’s not as important about the alignment. Because, what you’re going to do is bring the back foot forward into a lunge. But, this time let […]

Seated Yoga Poses : Yoga Seated Twist Pose

Another great asana for the seated practice, is matsyendrasanaor or seated twist. So, what you do is bring your legs out in front of you. If you have a hard time sitting up, you could always grab a blanket and put it underneath your butt so you’re more forward. So, you want to try to […]

Basic Hatha Yoga : Yoga Child’s Pose

Hello, I’m Howard and welcome to my Introduction to Hatha Yoga. This next exercise, called Child’s Pose, we touched on it earlier but I’m going to show you a couple of variations. Again, if your knees won’t permit this, if your ankles hurt, don’t worry about it, don’t do it. But if this is a […]

Seated Yoga Poses : Yoga Knees to Chest Pose

In closing off any practice, you want to make sure you do slight cool downs, or slight stretches just to let everything go. So, one of the last things I always like to do at the end of my practice is lie on my back and take and hug my knees into my chest. There’s […]

Standing Yoga Poses : Yoga Warrior 3 Pose

Another challenging aspect of Warrior, there’s three parts, in the previous clips I explained Warrior I, Warrior II and Reverse Warrior. This next is Virabhadrasana III or Warrior III. It’s a little more advance but also a challenge for the beginning students. So be patient with yourself and take time to get there. So what […]

Seated Yoga Poses : Yoga Heart Squat Prayer Pose

To start off our seated asiness we’re going to start with the prayer at the heart squat or the namaskarasana so what you do is bring your feet about hip width apart and turn your feet out slightly. Then you’ll bring yourself, your butt towards the ground so you may have to widen your feet […]

Seated Yoga Poses : Yoga Plow Pose

In a previous clip I showed you how to do shoulder stand. In this one I am going to show you plow, or hilasino which is a great way to come out of shoulder stand. So as you lay back on your back, kick your legs over your head. If you can’t touch the floor […]

Improving Your Yoga Stretching : Yoga Cobblers Pose

Alright, so in these clips I’m going to do pretty basic, beginner, simple yoga postures that I feel like a lot of people do incorrectly simply because they don’t have the knowledge, and they don’t have the intuition to stretch properly. If you do these incorrectly you’re building an incomplete foundation for your entire yoga […]

Standing Yoga Poses : Yoga Warrior 2 Pose

The next part of any Asana series is besides Warrior I, also Warrior II or Virabhadrasana II. So you’ll step that foot forward, and step the back foot out. In Warrior I, you try to put the hip points forward. In Warrior II, you can let them open out. So you can turn that foot […]