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Hungry Flamingo – Maximo | GoNoodle

(Spanish music) (Spanish music) – Greetings, my friends. It is I, Maximo. (stomach growls) It is also my stomach, el stomacho. I am hungry! So, shall we begin? Yes, yes we shall. Stand with your feet almost together, and your hands in front of your heart. Find a nice spot to stare at in front […]

How to Practice Yoga : Hero’s Pose in Yoga Practice

In this clip were going to talk about Hero’s Pose or Virasana. How we usually strongly recommend you use a block. Amy is going to come onto her knees. She is going to separate her feet and we’re going to place the block between her ankles. She’s going to press evenly through her tops of […]

Chair Yoga for Seniors : Chair Yoga for Seniors: Standing Poses

In our chair yoga classes, we like to integrate standing balanced postures when possible. Starting with a prep pose, Maria and I are going to stand nice and tall, lifting heart and tucking the tail slightly. Engage the belly and begin to exhale as you draw your outside knee towards your heart. Flex the foot, […]

Mooladhara Chakra : Sahaja Yoga

Quand la Kundalini monte, à chaque centre, vous commencez à recevoir la lumière de ce centre. Au début, vous récupérez votre innocence, vos yeux deviennent innocents, votre comportement devient innocent, vous n’êtes pas remplis de convoitise et de cupidité, vous ne regardez pas autour de vous avec convoitise et cupidité, mais vous regardez autour de […]

Kundalini Yoga Basics : Deep Breathing in Kundalini Yoga

In this clip, we’re going to practice a fundamental breath to Kundalini yoga, which is long, deep breathing. So, sit in a nice, meditative posture, hands resting on the knees, and close your eyes focusing in and up at the brow point, and just begin to breathe long and deep through the nostrils, expanding as […]

Dog Yoga Poses & Positions : Introduction to Doga, Yoga Moves With Your Dog

Number one intro to yoga. Hi my name is Leta Koontz I’m a yoga instructor at School House Yoga located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Today we are going to do a series of breathing meditations, human yoga postures, and dog yoga postures in out practice of doga. Now a typical yoga practice you do yoga asana […]

Gentle Yoga Poses : Yoga Cat Dog Pose

With Cat and Dog your knees are between the hips and the hands between the shoulders. Again you can use a pillow or a blanket for your knees or make two fists into the floor to take the pressure of the wrists. But, in the dog it’s called a wag take the right hip over […]