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Buddhist Meditation – Ashin Ottama

It is my habit to deal with some inconvenient areas or with some points of controversy which are hanging around for a long time trying to bring some new perspective on these areas to help understanding to resolve some of these areas. But today I am taking a completely classic topic: Buddhist meditation, Samatha and […]

OSHO International Meditation Resort – A Meeting Place of Friends

OSHO presents See where 30 days away from your ROUTINE life can take you! I love it It’s nice, it’s very beautiful to laugh It’s very, very interesting… I love it! Amazing, it is an eye opener lovely It is beautiful Living In Residential Program The OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India is a […]

Essentials for a Home Gym – Jocko Willink

okay so for me first of all if you have nothing if you’re building from zero the first thing is pull-up bars a pull-up bar and a dip bar somewhere to do dips and somewhere to do pull-ups and that’s what you need now be careful if you’re listening and you’re like okay I’m gonna […]

Tara Brach: Healing Depression with Meditation, Part 1

Namaste and welcome. When I’m welcoming, as many of you know, I’m re-welcoming you that are right here in Bethesda and I’m welcoming you who are listening right now and spread around the world and those in the future who’ll be listening on the podcast because it does feel like a wonderful community that comes […]