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1980s Workout with Mindy Kaling and Kevin Hart

Welcome to an all-new episode of “What the Fit.” People, I of course am your host, Kevin Hart. Today, guess what. Today we are taking it back to the ’80s. And by ’80s, I do mean the ’80s, full swing. You see my car? We’re doing it! And on my show today is Mindy Kaling. […]


so there we are it was our train press likes and subscribe actually it was only warm up now we are gonna train properly and I will personally guide this training Valeria’s favourite pose is child pose the most energy consuming thing I can’t role this mat back Tell me if you like the training […]

Zercher Lunges With The Indian Club | MostlySane | Pretty Fit

The first exercise is zercher lunges with an Indian club. Now, as you see my biceps are already contracted and I’ve held my club this way. And if you want it to be more challenging then pick a heavier club. And you’re going to step back into the lunge and come up again. Inhale to […]

Lunges With Pinch Grip | MostlySane | Pretty Fit

This is a compound functional exercise. This is called “Lunges with pinch grip”. This will make your grip stronger along with your entire lower body starting from your glutes, quadriceps thigh muscles hamstrings and your calves. We have to pick up two weight plates of equal weight on both the sides. I’m picking up a […]

Four Way Bear Crawl | MostlySane | Pretty Fit

This exercise is called “Four way bear crawl”. In this exercise your shoulders, triceps, biceps your forearms, rotator cuffs muscles in your scapula which are the shoulder blades will work. Your spine will be strong that is the erector spinae also your entire ab group of muscles. From here, exhale and lift your knees one […]

Aerobic dance time with Youngjoo [Happy Together/2019.06.06]

I saw Hyunmoo and Songyeon coming out from the same room again. – Wait… / – When these stories – get compiled… / – What’s going on? Youngji asked me to come. Still. You didn’t come to our waiting room once. You are the source of the rumor, aren’t you? No. (Jaeseok is suspected to […]