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Aerobic dance time with Youngjoo [Happy Together/2019.06.06]

I saw Hyunmoo and Songyeon coming out from the same room again. – Wait… / – When these stories – get compiled… / – What’s going on? Youngji asked me to come. Still. You didn’t come to our waiting room once. You are the source of the rumor, aren’t you? No. (Jaeseok is suspected to […]

Gorilla Gym Kids Deluxe At Home Testimonial

It’s small enough to store really easily, which was really part of our decision on which indoor activity set to get. It’s easy to install, so I can do it myself when my husband is not around to help. She loves playing with it. It gives her lots of different options, and she does change […]

Le Comptoir du Gym – Wylan Cyprien

Fabien, how do you explain the success of the Gym Bar? Success is a big word, we aren’t getting too caught up in it We have our heart set on the happiness of the clients We just take the orders one after the other and the most important thing is the three pints The Gym […]

Gym Games – Pin Down

This game is called ‘Pin Down’. Start with hula hoops around a small playing area. Place a plastic pin inside each. Those are the home bases for the players. One player at each base will protect their pin. The remaining players will stay at the edge waiting for their turn to get in. They will […]