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Inside Amy Schumer – Sleep Gym

You’ve tried slap chef. But that just left you hungry and with a searing headache. And those other weight-loss programs are exhausting. Can’t I just do nothing? What if I told you you could with Sleep Gym? ( Amy ) I’d say sign me up. But what’s Sleep Gym? Sleep Gym is a workout program […]


Receptionist: Okay, Dr Banner, you’re all set to join, we just need $45. Banner: $45 for the year! That’s a good deal! Receptionist: Actually, it says that’s per month Banner: $45 per month! Banner: (Growls) You might want to stand back! Hulk: HULK NOT PAYING $45 PER MONTH! HULK JOIN GYM ANYWAY! Hulk: HULK DO […]

The Time Zack Morris Put A Baby In A Gym Bag Then Lost Him

♪ Zack Morris is Trash ♪ (school bell ringing) – [Narrator] Kelly’s parents had an emergency, and she’s stuck with her baby brother, Billy. But cheerleading yearbook photos are first period. Slater says of course the gang will help. Zack says no thanks to that baby. But since everyone else has academic priorities, of which […]

The ‘Wayans Bros.’ When Marlon Ruined His Life With Marijuana

(airy piano music) – Shawn and Marlon are at a cool party with famous people. Marlon got Moesha’s autograph. Shawn and Marlon are at a party with people. Rico Davinci arrives. Marlon says he loves his bad movies. Rico tells him to beat it, but his friend who also shops at the Big and Tall […]

Deepak Chopra Guides Jimmy Through Meditation

-You and Oprah have a great relationship. You’ve done stuff together for a while. -Well, a long time ago, I suggested to her that if she married me she could be Oprah Chopra. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Oprah Chopra. I think that’s fantastic. -But she didn’t go for it. -She did not go for that. […]

Stanley Goes to The Gym! – Family friendly comedy video

(Musical intro) (Stanley Goes To The Gym) (silent comedy video) (Stanley looks around the gym) (Stanley decides to use the treadmill) (He sets the buttons and starts the treadmill) (He’s frightened, then surprised it’s so easy) (He decides to increase the speed) (Stanley thinks about the muscles he wants and decides to increase the speed […]

My Experience With Sports & Gym Class

So to keep this intro from going on for too long, I’m just gonna show you my hand now. *intense screaming* I don’t like sports. I played soccer for like a season when I was eleven, but aside from that, I only ever played sports in school. I also remember going to a baseball game […]

Honest Gym

So how can I help you? Yea, I’d like to sign up. You know, as part of my New Years resolutions. It’s April. What are your fitness goals? Maybe run a half marathon… Don’t f*ck with me, Vana. How did you know my name? Let’s be honest. Okay? We’re all here to look less repulsive […]