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Pilates Arm Workout with Small Weights : Pilates Boxing with Small Weights

I’m going to be teaching you the boxing exercises from the Pilates arm work repertoire. We start with our feet in parallel, heels right underneath the hips, legs firm and drawn up and through the body through the center line. We’re going to forward fold, scooping the tail bone under and slightly bending the knees […]


Hello guys, today I am back with another video, and I need to be more pumped up. Hello guys today I am going to be showing you my summer workout routine This is basically like what I do every day And I’ll kind of explain what I do First we’ll talk about how often I […]


good morning Sunday I just not just woke up I’ve been up for quite some time I was editing a video I just like it’s so ugly out there just cleaned up the house tidied up because I have a couple of girlfriends who are coming over and we are gonna go work out downstairs […]

DIY – How to Make: CURVY Made to Move Carmen | CUSTOM DOLL

Where is she? We only have ten minutes to get to school. I don’t know why I said I would wait for her. Carmen! I’m here. Well, it’s about time. What happened to you? Sorry, I woke up late. Chloe had a club meeting this morning. So she left early and didn’t wake me up. […]

Sneaky Jokes On Our Dad! (And Spying!) Kids Fun TV

[Mysterious music] Three, two, one! [Dad] Ahhh! Aw, Yes! I’m on vacation. The kids are back in the hotel room with their mom. [Both] Shhh! Guys, should we play a trick on our dad? I snuck away for a little bit of free time of my own to do nothing but, relax! Let’s do it! […]

Most Women Pee Themselves (and That’s OK)

You know what might seem super-embarrassing but is actually super-normal especially for women and girls? Leaking a little bit of pee in your pants. Or skirts or jeans or shorts or jorts or skorts. Or overalls! Not long ago I received a request from Stuff Mom Never Told You viewer to talk about bladder leaks […]