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Sneaky Jokes On Our Dad! (And Spying!) Kids Fun TV

[Mysterious music] Three, two, one! [Dad] Ahhh! Aw, Yes! I’m on vacation. The kids are back in the hotel room with their mom. [Both] Shhh! Guys, should we play a trick on our dad? I snuck away for a little bit of free time of my own to do nothing but, relax! Let’s do it! […]

Most Women Pee Themselves (and That’s OK)

You know what might seem super-embarrassing but is actually super-normal especially for women and girls? Leaking a little bit of pee in your pants. Or skirts or jeans or shorts or jorts or skorts. Or overalls! Not long ago I received a request from Stuff Mom Never Told You viewer to talk about bladder leaks […]


Wah! How to!? Oh my god… Hello everyone! I’m Angeline. I’m Wendy. Welcome to… Today we’ll be doing the epic yoga challenge as a way of breaking the ice with all of you Hopefully without breaking our backs. Ok, so.Why yoga? You’re kidding me right? Hey, yoga’s very good for you, you know? Why? Erm…because…yoga […]

My Daughters Ask Me Anything!!! | Q+A

Hey it’s Alison and I have a special video today I’m going to be interviewed by my daughters, Aubrey and Ava for Mother’s Day this could get interesting alright it’s just like carpool karaoke but we don’t have fancy equipment so who wants to go first oh gosh Wow alright, Aubrey, you go first… “What’s […]

Yoga for Breakups 🔥 How to Get Over Your Ex

downDOGMA Hey yogis, feeling down in the dumps about your most recent breakup? Here’s a list of of 8 yoga poses to helping you get over your ex. Pose number one: BOAT POSE because you escaped that sinking ship. [crying in the background] Pose number two: BIRD OF PARADISE because you’re the freest of the […]