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The PERFECT Leg Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Breaking out the muscle markers, yet again, to continue the perfect workout series. This time, hitting the legs. Guys, as always in our perfect workout series, what we’re trying to do is construct a workout that is damned close to perfect as possible. Realizing that there are a lot […]

Glute & Ab Exercises : Plank Knee to Elbow Exercises

Hi I’m going to demonstrate an advanced move on how to do a plank with a knee to elbow. The plank is going to work the center line of your stomach, the knee to elbow is going to work into your obliques and your waistline. So get yourself set up so that your hands are […]

45 Min Best Glutes Workout for Women // Butt Legs Thighs // Bodyweight

Hi, my name is Nicole team and welcome to the do anywhere booty workout you. Do not need any equipment So let’s get started alright. We’re going to start with the warm up. Give me a deep inhale exhale deep inhale Go ahead Let’s stretch out the neck look down and up we’re going to […]

15-Minute Buttocks Workout – Glutes Workout – No Squat Workout

Hi guys, I’m Christine curry and this is your 15 minute buck blaster workout So we’re gonna be targeting the hips thighs and glutes of course so we’re just going to start back in a child pose Take a stretch back here and Then we’re going to go up onto all fours and really quick […]


hi guys it’s Bailey and today we’re doing a booty lifting Pilates workout get ready to feel the burn all right let’s get started down in the four-point kneeling and from here I want you take the right leg back and we’re just going to start with a simple lift and lower they’re just starting […]

Side Lying Pilates Workout

Hi Beauties! It’s Robin from The Balanced Life and today I’m going to lead you through a quick Side-Lying Pilates routine. [Music] So what that means is we’re going to work the obliques, the outsides of your thighs, your glutes from all angles, as well as your upper back and the arms. Sound good? Okay, […]