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My Exercise Routine! At Home Workout for Beginners

You guys asked for it, so today we’re doing my workout routine. Hello and welcome to Queendom. I’m Sarah Ingle and, like I said, we’re doing my workout routine today because you guys really, really wanted it. I should first mention that I am NOT a fitness expert. I am an ultimate fitness newb recently. […]

The PERFECT Leg Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Breaking out the muscle markers, yet again, to continue the perfect workout series. This time, hitting the legs. Guys, as always in our perfect workout series, what we’re trying to do is construct a workout that is damned close to perfect as possible. Realizing that there are a lot […]

Get That Booty & Toned Legs 🍑 Effective Glute Workout at Home

Hey everyone, welcome back to another workout from the summer shredding challenge. This video is a leg and booty workout. That’s gonna help you to tone it up just in time for summer! So you can do this video on its own or you can join the rest of us with this thirty five day […]

Booty Pump Workout 👍🏼10 mins Booty Burn | Hourglass Program

Hey everyone, welcome to the hourglass program. This is episode three, the ten minutes booty Barre workout So this workout is part of my hourglass program and it’s perfect for beginners to intermediates And this will help to prepare you for my upcoming booty program that involves resistance. So don’t forget to smash that thumbs […]