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Bigger Arms Workout (Dumbbells Only)

– What’s up, elite Thenx athletes it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of OFFICIALTHENX, with today’s routine, I’m gonna show you how to get bigger arms with just a set of dumbbells. (upbeat music) Now if you want bigger arms, then you wanna make sure that you’re increasing volume. Whether it’s adding additional sets […]

Facial Yoga Exercises with Trina Felber the “O”

– Hey, I’m stopped at a light, and I am gonna do my facial exercises ’cause this is gonna decrease the laugh lines. You want to make an O with your mouth, but tuck your lips in like you’re hugging your teeth, and then keep it as tucked as you can and make a smile. […]

20 Minute Full Body Flexibility Routine! (FOLLOW ALONG)

[Music] what is that my body a warrior’s welcome back to another video and another full body flexibility routine be to the first volley of flexibility routine was something I used to do on a daily basis it was very useful for me it’s been very useful for a lot of you so I thought […]

LAST TO LEAVE THE SWIM CENTER wins $1000 Kids Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts

(Music: We the #Legends) We are doing the last one to leave our dads business. wins one thousand dollars! But don’t worry we have consulted some medical experts to see if this challenge is safe. I declare the last to leave the swim school challenge is safe. Step inside! Step inside! Welcome to our dad’s […]


she’s looking at the hairs in her nose! well you should look at my hairs in my nose! -Let me see let me see! they are picking out! They are picking out! you are so dumb! okay guys welcome back to our channel today. -It’s way too bright -Toll.. -After I was editing the last […]


This video is sponsored by Zuru. Hey guys it’s Karina and it’s Ronald and we are from sis vs bro! and today we’re gonna have the ultimate water balloon FIGHT! We want to thank Zuru for sending us all of these water balloons and water guns We are gonna have the best water gun- water […]

Sexy Magician Tries to Kiss Mel B Using His Tricks!

to my entire life so far well good luck enjoy yourself thank you Mel B would you come up on join me on stage is that cool come on you can join me hi hi we’re gonna try something right we’re gonna use cards okay playing cards I’m just gonna show you a card right […]

How to do bridge yoga pose, with Francesca Valarezo

(funky music) – Hi guys, I’m Francesca. Today I’m gonna show you the right way of doing bridge pose or Sarvangasana. And I’m gonna show you the wrong way first. The feet are wide apart, neck collapsed, sacrum collapsed, knees wide apart, compressing the low back, shoulders locked. Now I’m gonna show you the right […]

How To GROW Your GLUTES ( WORKOUT ) | 2018

– What’s up, THENX athletes? I’m Arica Sky, and today I’m gonna show you how to grow your glutes the best way. (smooth dance music) All right, guys, let’s get started. Today I’m gonna show you how to grow your glutes the best way. In my opinion, the best way is with glute isolation. Most […]

Aromatherapy Recipes: How To Make A Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

(cheerful music) – Welcome to Aromahead Institute. I’d like to show you a wonderful and really quick spray that you can make for your yoga mat to keep it clean. All I’m doing is, I have a one ounce spray bottle here. This is nice cobalt glass. And I just simply add water to it […]