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Vintage Vibrating Exercise Belt | RETURN IT OR BURN IT

– I see psychics in our future. – Let’s talk about that.( theme music playing )Good Mythical Morning. Today we’re gonna try out a ridiculous piece of vintage exercise equipment. – ( vocalizes ) That’s a little hint. – Oh, wow. And we’re gonna be reviewing the worst celebrity wax figures. But, first, let’s look […]

Christmas Song Challenge ft. Jack Black

Today we’re going Christmas balls to the wall in our Christmas song challenge. Uh, let’s talk about that. ( rings ) ( fire roars ) Good mythical morning. Today we are going to get secretive with Jack Black, see if this year’s hottest toys are fun for daddies and find out if you can tell […]

We Try Floral Foam Crushing ASMR

( music playing )The internet’s ability to constantly find new things that are oddly satisfying is as impressive as it is, well, satisfying. And the latest example is a video trend called Crushing Floral Foam. So today we’re gonna try it. Come with us as we take a trip to… Yes, we want you to […]

Sliding Into Our Pants

( upbeat music plays )Welcome back to the show. When I mention things like the wheel, the light bulb, and the smartphone, I’m not just talking about things that are fun to throw at your enemies from a distance, I’m talking about products that have changed the way we live our everyday lives and you’re […]

Human Tea Bag Challenge

( music playing )A wise man once said, “A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” And a tall friend of mine once said, “Why don’t we cover Link in tea, dip him in hot water and see how it tastes.” I sure did! It’s time for the… Okay, before we get started, do […]

Cockroach Cuddling Challenge

(playful theme music) – Welcome back. – We are hanging out with Jean Franzblau, founder of the Cuddle Sanctuary. Can I call you Cuddle Queen Jean? – I would love that, thank you. – So you’re saying that the cuddle process can actually reduce stress? – Yeah, it lowers cortisol levels, and it also increase […]

Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter (TEST)

Today we’re using filters for something other than water and Instagram. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning! We’ve got an action packed show for you today. We’re gonna be ranting about the hassles of travel while sucking on helium. And we’re gonna be sampling a bunch of discontinued candies, including one that […]

The Cruel Pool Challenge ft. Swoozie

Today we reinvent pool by making it much, much worse. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning. I couldn’t agree more, Link, because any morning that includes guessing Russian snacks based on their mysterious packaging is a good one. – Mm-hmm. – And not only are we partaking in Putin’s provisions, but we’re […]

Which Jeans Give You The Best Butt? (TEST)

– I found you best jeans booty. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat electronic music) Good mythical morning. – Listen, it’s 2017. Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man, orange is the new president, and butts are the new boobs. That is the world that we’re living in. – And obviously, you wanna make sure that […]

Temper Tantrum Yoga Is A Real Thing

( music playing )As adults, we are walking meat sacks of repressed anxieties, slinking through life full of bottled up psychotic feelings, but when we were kids, we used to let our feelings out by screaming and flailing and throwing a proper tantrum. Yes, today we’re going to get back to those splendid days. We’re […]