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Krishnamurti – What is Meditation – Why one should meditate at all .?

We were going to talk over together this evening – what is meditation? But before we go into that, which is really quite a complex and intricate problem, we ought to be, it seems to me, very clear, what it is we are after. We are always seeking something, especially… those who are religiously minded, […]

Meditation Instruction -How to meditate. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Shambhala

>>Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche: As the first section of this particular class on, ah, the study of meditation, I would like to give you some basic ideas. Meditation and practice is very confusing; and on the other hand, meditation is a way of life might be better to look at, and the sitting practice of meditation […]

This Exercise Is All the Help You Need

[chanting] This Exercise Is All the Help You Need 01-04-2017 [Mooji] This season, what has happened is that I … It came to present an exercise with many people, some of you, we’ve tried, done it with you before. And I felt it has been a very easy invitation and facilitating towards the place within […]

Powerful Mindfulness Guided Meditation

Find a comfortable seat. This can be on a chair or on a floor, you can use a cushion or a folded blanket for underneath your hips to make yourself really comfy as you are going to be here for a little while and it’s best to settle in a way that you don’t have […]

The Space of What Is ~ A Guided Meditation with Mooji

The Space of What Is A guided meditation by Sri Mooji 12 January 2016 [Mooji] Om. Let us begin by turning your attention to the fact that the Self has no beginning. It has no sense of duration or end. So even the sense of beginning is only an invitation to turn our attention … […]

You Are Silence Itself ~ Guided Meditation with Sri Mooji

Guided Meditation You Are Silence Itself [Mooji] Try and feel just the sense of being. You don’t need to be imaginative for this. So, don’t create. There’s nothing to create. Simply just by staying empty, in the pulse of being there’s just the sense of being. Look and feel. It has no story. It has […]

Spirit Science 8 ~ Meditation

I think therefore I am not Only when the mind is silent, I am. After DIMENSIONS, things got a little hectic There were literally 5 different topics that opened up fopr me to talk about, and I did not know which one to cover. Fortunately, I had this one saved in the backburner, so while […]

COMPLETE BODY HEALING (RELAXED version) Guided Meditation

Make yourself comfortable, sit or lie down, make sure you will not be interrupted. If you have time, make your space pleasing to you, let in some fresh air, maybe use some essential oils to add another sensory experience. Grab a comfortable cushion or your favourite blanket; you could even do this meditation while taking […]