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Fun Workouts For Couples | Exercises & Tips For Training In Pairs

– You might have noticed that today is February the 14th, but don’t worry, we’re not about to get all romantic on you, although, we did think that we could use Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to bring you some training suggestions that are perfect to do in pairs. – Yeah, so if you’re […]

Troy Stecher in the Gym with Brendan Gallagher

(plates clanking) – [Troy] We’re at the Great Pacific Forum. It’s right underneath the Alex Fraser Bridge. It’s something I enjoy doing. I enjoy coming here every morning and being around all these group of guys. We’re all friends. We all went to high school together so it’s a good environment. Today was strength and […]


so you’re ready to start your journey towards creating a bigger more aesthetic chest or maybe you already train and you want to make sure you’re getting the most from your workout well fit media channel is here to help here’s our stage one chest workout to get you started for a bigger fuller chest. […]

BMX – Roadtrip to Denmark // Riding the Feldborg Indoor Track (2/3)

Tim is looking forward to the gym session. It’s chest day guys! Tim, are you going with us to the gym? This is marketing. @GulfNederland. Come on! How much KG’s Tim? 100! Justin Kimmann, what do you think of the track? Put the camera a bit further away… .. A bit more up so you […]

What Makes The Unit Fitness A Unique Gym For Getting Fit And In Shape?

Just that support that you get from all of the trainers is amazing. The friendships that you make from the other members, the support through the Facebook group and just the variety of class times that I can just fit in no matter what shifts I’m doing, I can just come whenever I can. What […]