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The Best Girls Yoga Challenge Desafio da Yoga Challenge😍 hatha yoga

Hello, Welcome to hatha yoga. Thanks for your interest to watch our videos. No Yoga Pants Were Harmed in the Making of this Post – Fun and Fit Who likes having people stare at your bottom? If not, or if so, take the Yoga pant challenge. Fitness Rooms Gym Instructor Yoga Pants Challenge Workout Funny Fitness Rooms […]

Beginners Yoga Flow (10 Min) Full Body Class Day 3 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

– You are about to practice 15 minutes Beginners Yoga Flow. Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, I’m Lesley Fightmaster, and in today’s class we are starting to learn sun salutations. So, we’ll learn a little bit of flow. Remember, if it becomes too difficult at any time come onto your knees and take a break. When […]

Morning Yoga (Best Wake Up Routine!) 20 Minute Vinyasa Flow

– Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, where it’s not about the pose, and you don’t have to be perfect. Hi, I’m Lesley Fightmaster, today’s class: Morning Yoga. Sit up nice and tall, bring your hands together in front of your heart as you close your eyes. Ground down through the sitting bones and begin to lengthen […]

Full Body Yoga Stretch (Recharge!) You Deserve it

– [Lesley] Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga where it’s not about the pose and you don’t have to be perfect. I’m Lesley Fightmaster. Today’s class, Full Body Yoga Stretch. Begin sitting tall, with every inhale, lengthen; with each exhale, relax. Bring your hands together. May you move through your yoga today with comfort and ease. It […]

Beginners Yoga Flow – (15 Min Morning Stretch) Day 1 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

– You are about to practice 15 minute beginners morning yoga. Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga. I’m Lesley Fightmaster and this is day one of our 30-day yoga beginner’s program. Today’s practice will really focus on the breath in the beginning because the breath is so important for your practice. We’ll take some time breathing and […]

Raja Yoga – Healing the Body, Mind, & Soul

Here we are living at a time where so many people are in so much pain for so many different reasons. To me, it’s all about healing. Healing the body, healing the mind, healing the soul.